What should we call our radio show? “Nunhead American Radio” or “An American in Nunhead”?

We’ve been calling it “Voice of Americans with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead” but VOCAL “Voice of Americans” isn’t very distinctive (and Doug Stanhope was called the Voice of America”) and the USP and the funny, great bit about our show is that it is about Americans in Nunhead.

This week is a first show I have booked the guests in advance. A full three days in advance. Lisa Moyle and I will chat live with Major Alan Norton of the Salvation Army: Nunhead – talking about whether the Salvation Army is anything like the Broadway (and West End) musical Guy and Dolls and what’s unique about the fabricate religious needs of Nunheaders. cheap jerseys Also in the studio is blogger Graham Head of TheTreesaroundNunhead.blogspot.com – shouting about the trees around Nunhead, and we have some very amazing trees, including one where Queen Elizabeth the First had a picnic in 1601 while admiring the view of Spremna St. de Paul’s Cathedral.

Past shows available on iTunes at Ok?ular http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/nunhead-american-radio-lewis/id502175967

Yesterday while searching my name on Google I found a mention of me on Alexei Sayle’s blog – written by “Ewen” in response to Alexei’s asking for names of comics to do some show of his – now I remember – for his new live show he is compering – and and a show I wasn’t asked to do. “There’s a comic called wholesale jerseys Lewis Schaffer who plays The Source Below in Soho – “Free cheap jerseys Until Famous.” He’s a self-loathing, divorced, bankrupt disaster of a man. He’s totally unpredictable and can be blisteringly funny or utter shite, so maybe not bookable.” http://www.alexeisayle.me/home/2011/9/29/blog-59.html This assessment is so brilliant I want to put it on my flyers and posters and on every listing. Give that man a job as a comedy reviewer.

That is my first blog. It isn’t much but it is done. Tell me what you think about the name of the radio show, if you can be bothered. I will appreciate it.

See me wholesale nfl jerseys live every Tuesday and Wednesday in Soho, London. Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous. Info at www.sourcebelow.com.

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