1 Question PM Wednesday. Yesterday was a bad day for me. I read good reviews in the papers for comedians I know and like. Even worse, they Nunhead? were for shows in New York. New York is my town. Or it was my town. New York seems to be doing pflegen very well without me. It makes me question how important wholesale nba jerseys I was to the success of New York.

The only thing that bothers me more than hearing of my friends doing badly is hearing that they are doing well. Actually, my own success is something I have the hardest time dealing with. wholesale nfl jerseys Luckily, I haven’t had much wholesale nba jerseys success.

The other night was the Secret Policemen’s Ball [or Policeman’s, who has time to check] in New York. Worry I read that Micky Flanagan, Jack Whitehall, Jimmy Carr et al. killed at Radio City Music Hall. Micky’s behaviour is particularly egregious. I used to meet him in Nunhead’s Peckham Park, spending whole days looking after his newborn child. He’d be bleary-eyed from the relentlessness of childcare duties. At the time, I was looking after my two children and already knew that kids cause comedy death. To paraphrase Woody Allen: a pram in the foyer means there’s a young mom inside. Sorry! cheap nba jerseys A pram in the foyer is the death of art. Or something like that.

Babies kill with their neediness. They eat every four hours, pee and sleep as often, and demand constant attention. If you ignore a baby, you’ll have to spend the rest of your life blaming the MMR jab for their dullness. Kids’ selfishness is why English people hate them: Children want stuff. The English tell their children “I want doesn’t get”, which is mental. How does one get what one wants when one is told that if one wants it, one won’t get partido it? Can one follow that?

Alas, Micky’s art didn’t die [If you can call standup comedy an “art” – I am not sure that it is]. He wasn’t famous before he had his kid but he is close to fame now. Because of Micky Flanagan, I’ve had to find a new excuse for why I’m not on the telly.

[Here in the UK, acts that have been on the telly are said to be “Him, off the telly”. Well, I’m ‘off’ the telly, as in, “Lewis Schaffer, let’s not put him on the telly”.]

Michael Legge is organising a memorial show for Gregg Jevin at the Soho Theatre, and par for the course, I haven’t been invited to participate. I am never invited to these things and I wouldn’t expect to be invited to this one.

Gregg used to come to New York and stop by the Boston Comedy Club where I was the host. I would give him a spot, as a courtesy. I didn’t know how well known he was in the UK but I knew how much it meant to visiting comics to cheap jerseys get on in New York. For instance, I gave a spot to Dave Gorman when he filming his search for people named Dave Gorman. Dave didn’t call me when I moved to London and neither did Gregg. Now Gregg is dead. Serves him right.

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