3 April 2012 Tuesday Nunhead

Last night we broadcast again Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead on RESONANCE FM 104.4FM London.  The only radio show for Americans living in Nunhead.

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With guests: The Assistant Vicar Dele Ogunyemi of the The Parish of St. Anthony with St. Silas in Nunhead.  We will be talking about God and burials in Nunhead.

And Heather Anderson, a American living in Nunhead, who we met for the first time. She is from Batavia, Illinois and works for the NHS in sexual health. That makes ten Nunhead Americans that we know about.

The News of Nunhead – 2 April 2012

The Southwark News reports that a meter of earth will be dumped atop the graves of the indigent dead at Camberwell Old Cemetery to make room for up to 800 more grave sites.

Why would anyone want to bury their loved ones above the decaying flesh of a poor person? Buried atop a rich person, yes. But the poor? Yuck. But it is okay cause the dead are dead and their families won’t know.

The Friends of Nunhead Cemetery  are still looking for descendants of the families of the nine 12-year-old Boy Scouts who lost their lives in the 1912 Leysdown Boating Tragedy.

If the young boys had drowned today, greedy lawyers would swoop down on the boat’s owners and the Scouting organization and demand excessive amounts of compensation – part of the new no-win, no-fee American-style “compensation culture” that has sadly arrived in England.

It was better back in the day. The grieved families understood it was an unavoidable accident and they were happy to receive the £1/7 shillings, free boat ride and lunch per dead child.

Nunhead is connected with Edinburgh, Scotland.

A 33 foot high obelisk in Nunhead Cemetery commemorates the Scottish Martyrs – fighters for the universal vote in Britain. There is a similar 90-foot obelisk on top of Calton Hill in Edinburgh for the same cause. Did you know that?

We may have universal suffrage in the UK but each man is not considered equal.

Parliamentary districts have varying populations and white people are less valuable in the parliamentary elections.

It takes 110,000 white people to merit one Member of Parliament. The most valued are residents of Arfon, Wales, who need only 41,000 residents.  One Welshman is worth two and three-quarters residents of the Isle of White. Oh, I guess that is the Isle of  Wight.

Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead Heights is performing two shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this August. I am doing two shows” “Free until Famous” and my show for the older set called “Free after 40” with free admission for those over 40. You read it here first. My show last year was called a “harrowing midlife crisis” by a 21-year-old reviewer.

Our special guest couldn’t make it onto the show.

George Zimmerman, the 77-year-old retired Jewish dentist from Bayside, Queens, now living in Sanford, Florida, who racially murdered an innocent 17-year-old black student on a gated estate. He couldn’t make it as that guy doesn’t exist. The other George Zimmerman – the 28-year-old Hispanic student – makes a much less interesting story.
Enjoy our show!


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  1. How many 12 year-old Boy Scouts do you think would have descendants? We’re talking 1912, remember, not 2012!!

    A good read, though…

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