7 AM Wednesday 11 April 2012 Nunhead Heights

Deadline for Edinburgh Fringe registration is 5 PM Wednesday – today if you are reading this today. Yesterday if you are reading this tomorrow. Please, won’t you help me choose the best name for my two shows at the Fringe? One is at 5 PM at the Hive and the other is 8 PM as the Three Sisters.

1.  Lewis Schaffer: The best comic in England

Here are plays on last year’s show title:

2.  Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous: Enough Already [Free]

3.  Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous: 18th Year, Again [Free]

4. Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous: More of the Same. New For 2012

5. Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous: No End in Sight

Using a new approach:

5.  Lewis Schaffer: What have you got to lose? [ For 5 PM show]

6.  Lewis Schaffer: What did you expect? [For 8 PM Show ]

And what about this?

  1. Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous: What about this?

If not this, then what?

  1. Lewis Schaffer: If Not This, Then What?


  1. Lewis Schaffer: Free until Famous: IOU
  2. Lewis Schaffer: Too Funny to Be Famous
  3. Lewis Schaffer: Too Young to Be Famous
  4. Lewis Schaffer: Or What?

I should’ve done this months ago. I was typing my senior thesis at college the day it was due. Some things never change.

9. Lewis Schaffer: Some Things Never Change

I don’t know what the show is about and I haven’t written it and it won’t be ‘written’ until after the festival is over.

10. Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous: Why wait?

11. Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous: Don’t Wait!

12. Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous: Should Have Waited

Any and all ideas will be appreciated.  Even telling me it barely matters would be a help.

Thank you.


Listen to Lewis Schaffer on the Radio Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer every Monday evening at 10:30PM on www.resonancefm.com and 104.4fm London. Or listen to the show’s podcasts at bit.ly/NunheadAmericanRadio

See Lewis Schaffer live every Tuesday and Wednesday at the Source Below. Free admission. Reserve at bit.ly/londonfreeshow

17 thoughts on “Please help me choose my show title – the registration date is today.

  1. Lewis Schaffer: Free at Five
    Lewis Schaffer: Still Free at Eight
    Lewis Schaffer: Hive Five and Free
    Lewis Schaffer: Eight Free Sisters
    Lewis Schaffer: Lazy as a Log

  2. Lewis Schaffer – Funnier than Bill Hicks.
    Lewis Schaffer – Too Funny to be Famous
    Lewis Schaffer – Still a C*nt
    Lewis Schaffer – Different Shit, Same Suit
    Lewis Schaffer – Three Sisters Licked my Balls

  3. Lewis Schaffer: Mmmm Delicious

    Lewis Schaffer: The Barbie Camper Tour

    Lewis Schaffer, Lewis Schaffer, Lewis Schaffer: Featuring Lewis Schaffer with Musical Guest Lewis Schaffer

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