2 PM Thursday 12 April 2012 Nunhead

The epitaph on my gravestone will be “Lewis Schaffer: He Left it to the Last Minute”.

Or would it be better to have “Lewis Schaffer: It was the last thing he did”

I asked for help in choosing the name of my two show in Edinburgh this year – the registration was due at 5PM yesterday. I found out at five pm yesterday that the actual deadline for show information is Friday. Now I have extra two days to stress and worry and still make a mistake.  I’ll be at the Hive at 4:45pm  and the Seven Sisters at 8:15pm this year.

Thank you for your help.

Saying “thank you” is not easy for me as I am not a grateful person. But I am saying “thank you” because you’ve helped me – or confused me – which is the same in my book.

Here’s a compilation of suggestions. The ones that particularly tickled me are listed at the end of this post. The final decisions will be printed in the Fringe Program.

Responses come in three categories:  EXCUSE THE WONKY LINE SPACING.

The Self-Put Downs

Too lazy to get my shit together and think of a title for my next show until the very last minute  springdaycomed
Loud and Annoying Mike Belgrave
Annoying til famous  Paula B
Lewis Schaffer: Lazy as a Log Thom Dibdin
Lewis Schaffer – Different Shit, Same Suit  Mike Belgrave

The put ups

Lewis Schaffer – Funnier than Bill Hicks. Mike Belgrave
Lewis Schaffer – Still a C*nt Mike Belgrave
Lewis Schaffer doesn’t want your money. Scott Lithgow

The General

Lewis Schaffer: Free until proved guilty Mike Tawil
Lewis Schaffer: Eight Free Sisters Thom Dibdin
Lewis Schaffer – Three Sisters Licked my Balls Mike Belgrave
Lewis Schaffer – Live at The Hive Brian Damage
Lewis Schaffer – Proud and Free charmianpoems
Lewis Schaffer – Loud and Free charmianpoems
Lewis Schaffer – Loud, Proud and Free charmianpoems
Lewis Schaffer – Live @ Five @ The Hive Brian Damage
Lewis Schaffer: Mmmm Delicious  ­­ Joanne
Lewis Schaffer: The Barbie Camper Tour – Joanne
Lewis Schaffer, Lewis Schaffer, Lewis Schaffer: Featuring Lewis Schaffer with Musical Guest Lewis Schaffer – Joane Longo
Lewis Schaffer: Funny American bloke – Kath

I stopped categorizing …

Lewis Schaffer: The Show with No name Kath
Lewis Schaffer: The Laughter Therapy Tour
Lewis Schaffer Doen’t Want Your Money- Scott Lithgow
Lewis Schaffer The American Dream Chuquai Billy
Lewis Schaffer “The Big Society Collection Plate” Martin Witts
Free Lewis Schaffer! Karen O.Novak
Kvetch – Karen O.Novak
The Best Holocaust Joke in the World and General Tales of Ordinary Madness Murray Porter
Lewis Schaffer? Really?

 Karen O.Novak
Lewis Schaffer and The World’s Best Holocaust Joke. Karen O.Novak

Along Murray’s line: (Sounds like a Harry Potter title)

Your Moneys Worth of Lewis Schaffer  Scott Lithgow *I like this
Lewis Schaffer: Catches the Funny Bullet, So You Don’t Have To  Murray Porter
Lewis Schaffer: Not an Anti-Semite Karen O.Novak
Lewis Schaffer: Famous Until Free 

Andrea Kenner Kinnard
whining, wild and wooly

  Andrea Kenner Kinnard
Lewis Schaffer -Facebook in Anger 
Andrew Head
LS: Free Until Funny  
Andrea Kenner Kinnard.

Here are the ones that I like:

Lewis Schaffer: No, YOU shut up! Karen O’Novak – MY FAVORITE
Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous: “No End in Sight”
I’m Lewis Schaffer. What’s your excuse? ewenmacintosh
Lewis Schaffer: What have you got to lose? Broken Remote
Lewis Schaffer: What did you expect?” 
Lewis Schaffer:  Free until Famous: What about this?
Lewis Schaffer: If Not This, Then What?
Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous: IOU  I forgot who’s suggestion this was.

And there was another but I deleted it and I can’t remember it.

THANK YOU ALL! [and can someone tell me how to get rid of the extra line after a paragraph – the formatting of this is horrible. I have had the kids over and I am double stressed. The mother works in peace on school holidays which is when I get them.]


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6 thoughts on ““No. YOU shut up!” My new show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012?

  1. You’ve completely ignored my suggestion of: “Lewis Schaffer: NOW I’m famous, bitches.” Although I, too, like, “No, YOU shut up.”

  2. For next year (if there is one):

    Lewis Schaffer: Regret is Underrated
    Lewis Schaffer: Now 50% Less Racist*
    Lewis Schaffer: Failure is an option
    Lewis Schaffer: Every Show’s Indifferent

    Lewis Schaffer: Live and Laughable
    Lewis Schaffer: Rape Ear Wit
    Lewis Schaffer: Brings the Pain
    Lewis Schaffer: The Chris Rock of comedy
    Lewis Schaffer and the Heritage Orchestra

    Lewis Schaffer: At least he’s dressed the part
    Lewis Schaffer: Not as disappointing as last year
    Lewis Schaffer: Take one for the team
    Lewis Schaffer: Anti-semitic is a relative term
    Lewis Schaffer: Plays the race card in Blackjack
    Lewis Schaffer: Still an American Jew
    Lewis Schaffer: If you’re not laughing, you’re at this show
    Lewis Schaffer: He’s here all week

    1. A couple are spot on: Failure is an Option – well it must be because no one has failed as often as I have. And without failure you can’t have major success. Seriously considering using this.

      and “Regret is underrated” – v. interesting.

      I don’t understand the “The Chris Rock of Comedy” unless you don’t think that Chris Rock is funny – and I think he’s amazing.

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