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11:32 PM Saturday Night 14 April 2012 on train through the midlands listening to Heartbreaker by Dione Warwick.

After lovely gig at Solihull Arts Centre organised by Stephen Newberry and Kevin Precious with Maff Brown, Rob Heeney, and Paddy Lennox. I was good.

Emergency Post. I wrote a post this morning but it involved a sensitive subject that needs more attention to detail to prevent misunderstanding. No, it is not about the unmentionables. I decided to rewrite it for tomorrow.

In the process, I risked not posting today, Saturday. I have posted for 38 straight days.

My unused topic for today was chosen just to avoid talking about my inability to choose a name for my Edinburgh show and therefore my writing piss-poor blurbs for the shows.

And it highlights my inability to work with others. Successful people delegate and share and let others make decisions and get credit. Not me! Well, not enough! And John Fleming is in North Korea!

Someone else should be dealing with Edinburgh fringe people: I am the best comic in England!

I should do only what I love best and what can make me the most money: Performing.

Therefore, this is a request for help. I am not going to tell you, my organiser and or my salesperson, what I need or want – I wouldn’t trust anyone who parroted what I told them. But…

I am open to meeting with anyone, including people I’ve worked with before and burned or they may think they burned me. It might be someone who’s already helping me. Forgive me. I forgive you.

Percentage or training as payment.

11:55pm. Time to post


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5 thoughts on “Situation Wanted: Best Comic in England looks for and needs help

  1. You are the best Lewis, and dammit you do not give up — you got courage man. I applaud you, and I also think you are very funny…. but not everyone is sharp enough to get you….

    1. Pamela Sue – I am not giving up! I hope it doesn’t seem that I am. I wrote that miserable because I was alone on a train and trying not to miss my self-imposed goal of writing a bit every single day. Solihull went well.
      with love,

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