8 PM Monday 16 April 2012 Nunhead Heights

Nunhead is lumpy. It is always lumped with Peckham as in “Peckham and Nunhead” the way Tobago is lumped with Trinidad, or Herzegovina is lumped with Bosnia or Garfunkel is lumped with Simon.

Tonight: Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer of Nunhead
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The News of Nunhead for 16 April 2012:

Nunhead is Mysterious: Local lad Luca Alessandra has reported on twitter that he found a “posh” buggy in his Nunhead Heights front garden. No baby, just a pram. Like a stolen wallet without its cash. DM @alarmbell on twitter.

Nunhead is Adventurous: The Peckham Rye Park Adventure Centre will hold a table-top sale on Saturday the 21 April 2012 from 12 to 4 PM on Homestall Road, Nunhead to raise money for itself. A worthy cause.  What makes an adventure centre? Ropes hanging from wooden poles. Spooky.

Nunhead is getting deader: Plans are afoot to fell a hundred-year-old wood in Camberwell Old Cemetery then dump a meter of dirt [and possibly crushed toilets and kitchen tiles] on the 3300 graves of the dead poor people already buried there. The Council will then sell the plots to the good people of Southwark.

Nunhead is Oxymoronic: The Community Wildlife Garden in Peckham Rye Park was officially opened by the Friends of Peckham Rye Park Saturday afternoon. I was there! The wildlife garden has raised beds to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs. It has paths, plantations of flowers, beds of bushes, a gazebo and a pergola. It also has a dead tree for insects and a pond to “encourage” wildlife. But is it a garden or a preserve for wildlife? “Wildlife Garden” is an oxymoron!

Our special guest couldn’t make it tonight. Simon Cowell of X-Factor or that other show which I also ever watch, really, has written a book about the moderately famous women he has slept with. You know what it means when a man kisses and tells? Not what you think!

Instead of Simon Cowell we have Nunhead reporter Giles Dilnot from the BBC. Since November 2004 Mr Dilnot has been touring the country for BBC2’s The Daily Politics finding out which issues get “the British public most worked up.”

We are going to ask him what gets the British worked up. Do the British ever get worked up? If they did get worked up, how could you tell? And what should Nunhead American Radio do to get Nunhead worked up?

Mr Dilnot is married, with two young daughters and a water spaniel called Coco, Giles enjoys collecting rare thrillers, travelling, cocktails, and shoes. He is the Imelda Marcos of political journalism. He has a particular passion for the South African Bush, where he has worked in conservation.

Our Nunhead American guest is returnee Jeff Miller from Virginia. “Virginia is for Lovers” according to the Commonwealth of Virginia Tourist Office. For lovers, they say, which is ironic cause I caught something down there performing in Virginia Beach back in ’95.

He isn’t really from Nunhead but he lives right next to it in Forest Hill, sends is kids to my kids’ school, is an American and is a musician. He ticks boxes!

Tune in to hear an exclusive pre-release track from Luke Joseph Christie’s upcoming solo CD plus some exciting news for fans of large ensemble jazz…in Nunhead!


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