19:00 Thursday 19 April 2012 Nunhead Heights

I can now  confirm that I have my first Official Sponsor for my Edinburgh 2012 Shows. 

Peter Goddard has made a substantial contribution to the running of “Lewis Schaffer: No, YOU Shut Up!” at the Seven Sisters and the Hive. The money was given freely with only one stipulation: That when I am asked “Who is Peter Goddard?”  or “Why is Peter Goddard sponsoring your show?” I am to reply “Peter Goddard is a nice guy.”

With this sponsorship he truly is a nice guy.

I have not had a direct sponsor since the 1990s when David Cutler and Oliver Peoples generously provided eyeglasses for me. My “Armani-ish” jackets I bought myself.

In 2008, Martin Witts, of the Leicester Square Theatre, generously brought my first solo show to Edinburgh entitled “America, the Greatest Country in the World”. He took a deep loss. 

My personal blogger, John Fleming, reported correctly in early April that Peter Goddard had said to me “Being in your show tonight was like sitting INSIDE The Office as opposed to sitting at home, watching The Office on TV. If you watch The Office on TV, you can laugh. If you were actually sitting inside The Office itself for real, you wouldn’t laugh. It would be very uncomfortable. Imagine going to a comedy club and not being sure if the comedian was David Brent or Ricky Gervais.”

I am not sure that is true but it sounds great.

A Special Thank You is given to my fellow American Karen O’Novak for thinking up the name for this year’s shows:  “Lewis Schaffer: No, YOU Shut Up!”

I asked my blogosphere for help and I got over 150 suggestions. I almost regret asking as so many were spot on! The runners up included Karen O’s “Lewis Schaffer? Really?”, “Lewis Schaffer: If Not This, Then What?” (me) and “I’m Lewis Schaffer. What is your excuse?” (Ewen McIntosh).

Others included:
“Lewis Schaffer: What Have ou Got To Lose?” (@broken_remote) “Lewis Schaffer: Still a C*nt” (Mike Belgrave), “Lewis Schaffer Doesn’t Want your Money”  (Scott Lithgow), “Lewis Schaffer: No End in Sight”, “Your Money’s Worth of Lewis Schaffer” (Scott Lithgow) and “Lewis Schaffer: What did you expect?”(Jennifer Mizdan).

My thanks go out to all but especially to Karen O’Novak who’s got a brilliant comedy mind and Peter Goddard, who’s a nice guy.


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