23:59 Saturday 21 April 2012 Nunhead Heights.

I want to apologize to the people who came to my show last night.

The Colchester Arts Centre sponsored my show “Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous”. I enjoyed doing it and I hope people there enjoyed it, too.

But as everyone was leaving I had the feeling that most audience members were surprised that I was holding a jar at the door and was asking for money. I think they believe I was pulled a fast one by not telling them I was going to ask for money.

I always greet people at the door and thank them for coming. I then explain how the show works:  “There will be half-hour of jokes, or what I call jokes, then we take a break, then half-hour or more jokes, then I stand by the door and you give me money, if I’m funny. But only if you think I am funny.”

Last night, for the first time, I didn’t give that speech to arriving guests.

My reason for not telling them was that we had 200 people on the guest list. They were all arriving at the same time and I didn’t think there would be time for me talk to every audience member. Also, I thought it was explained on the Colchester Arts Centre website.

After the show I checked the website for the first time. It didn’t say that a voluntary contribution would be requested. The website just stated “Free Show” but didn’t make clear how the show worked.

I should have made sure the website disclosed how the show worked. I should have told everyone coming in that I would be standing by the door at the end. Instead, I caused discomfort.

I am sorry for any discomfort I caused the lovely people of Colchester.


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