23:26 Friday 27 April 2012 On Train From Cambridge

I’ve heard that Mark Watson, the Bristolian comic, posts something everyday, even if it’s a paragraph written coming home from a gig.

Well, I’m on the train from Cambridge where I’ve had a wonderful evening doing Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous, my “solo” show. There were moments of sheer joy – like when I let Rachel, a punter, come on stage and tell a joke. (There, I am being like the lovely Sarah Millican pointing out the highlights of a show.) That is all most people want – to get a bit of attention. At least that is what I want! If you can’t be entertained be entertainment. I thought of that when I was at Bard College.That’s a Quotable Quote as they say. But aren’t all quotes “quotable”? There are no “unsayable” quotes – then it wouldn’t be a quote, would it.

Glasgow Jimmy paid me and my show a visit at the Junction. 140 punters to see me and legendary streer performer Jimmy. Luckily the show went well cause otherwise I’d feel very guilty. More than normal. No performer crashes as fast after a show as I do. You know, the depression that comes after the party? No? Well I get all down even before the show is over. I’m sad that my limelight is being turned off.

Lewis Schaffer Free Until Famous Tour http://t.co/Hfym0C17

Yesterday’s post was all serious and informative about the Australians. No one loved it except me. I’m the only one who likes my serious side.


Above is King’s Cross train station in London. The new, beautiful bit. The best bit of new architecture I have seen in years and years. Stunning.


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