11:59pm Saturday 28 April 2012 On Train in Essex to Liverpool Street Station, London.

A poor night for me at the High Barn. I could blame it on the rain but I had only 25 people in the Great Big Tithe Barn in Great Bardfield for my show LS is Free until Famous. But then I tend to feel post-show sadness and my assessments of my shows to be not reliable at both ends. And I live to wallow in my own misery and occasionally bask in my self-lit greatness.

Then again why are you taking my word for it?

Okay, the heckler I told my fireman heckler joke was a fireman. What kind of luck is that? That’ll kill at least one person’s enjoyment if he didn’t dig it.  And he didn’t.

And he came up to me after the show, gave me ten quid and told me he didn’t like the joke about 911 or my joke about you know who (or may  not know who).

And I apologized, sincerely, because it is not my job to offend anyone, though sometimes that happens, and two, I knew that I should stick to the jokes and not add editorial (a Leader, as it is called in the UK) which is what happened with the subject that cannot be named.

I learned somethings tonight. First, save your blogs when working on the iPhone. You can lose all the stuff you wrote in the afternoon. And that is what happened here. And I missed my self-imposed deadline. I am going to forget that happened and trundle on. What is a trundle? Is that an English word or an American on neither?

Second, the personality of the English is formed in tithe barns. Being forced to hand over the fruits of one’s labour to people who didn’t deserve it has made the English who they are: A very wary lot!

And finally, I must start out my show in a friendly way. I told my fireman heckler joke to firemen in New York on the eve of September 11, 2011, the day before the Tenth Anniversary of that day, and they laughed.  Well, I remember them laughing before being hit…

At my shows there is always one person who decided to mess up my show and stops me from being absolutely hysterical, and that person is me.  I told my heckler joke too early and instead of just calming one talkative person -he wasn’t even a heckler, I closed down most genuine interact with the audience. Not good.

Cambridge was good, though.


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  1. ok so googled tithe barn and found a place called cockermouth….maybe its the wine talking but…hilarious!….no offence if you live there ….of course no offence meaning i am about to offend…ya…its the wine…night

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