11:59 PM Friday 18 May 2012 Nunhead Heights

I’m not happy unless I’m angry. Being angry at others focuses my disappointment in myself away from myself.

Yesterday, I was angry at my doctors surgery (office) for not having my high blood pressure prescription ready.

I shlepped all the way across Peckham Rye Common to get my prescription for amlodipine (Norvasc 10 MG, 56 pills £7.40 or $11.70 or £0.21 per pill on the NHS).

You Americans may think that is low-priced and it is compared to America. But low-cost medicine is mainly a benefit to the old – young people don’t take medications – and it comes out of young peoples’ taxes.

Second, nearly everything else for sale in the UK costs way more than in the US. An iPad is $399 in the USA Apple Store and £329 [or $520] in the UK Apple Store. There is a 20% tax on most everything in this country, except warm meat in baked dough – and they are trying to tax that, too. And the taxes here are buried in everything like potatoes in a Cornish pastie.

Here old people die stress-free with their possessions intact and inflict their grandchildren with poverty, deprivation and stress. Those old people with their free health care and cheap medicines are destroying the new generation. Old people don’t even have to pay the TV tax. Those people make me sick.

Sorry, I don’t know how that happened. One minute I was calm and now I’m furious about old people getting cheap medicines.

So I was seething that every two months I have to make this arduous trek – a ten minute stroll through the lovely park. They don’t send out confirmation the script is ready and I hate to call. The women who work there are some of the grumpiest people in the world. They are not as grumpy as bus drivers, mind you, who are miserable everywhere. Driving around in a loop all day would make even Doris Day lose her smile. [Replace with reference for a more alive happy person].

And just so you know, I have been taking blood pressure pills since my twenties. I am Certified Angry. A raging rageaholic with seething internalized screaming inside, squeezing my blood vessels so hard my capillaries pop.

If you don’t think squeezing your blood vessels is the most common cause of high blood pressure, with the remainder caused by hearts racing and greedily stocking up on blood or blood fluids – well you are wrong and I’m furious that you can’t see how obvious it all is.

Why then is high blood pressure common among African-American people? They have had a very legitimate reason for squeezing their blood vessels.

Many “diseases” are self-induced. Asthma, eczema, acne, back problems, over active thyroid, and heartache. Make a comment below telling me I’m an idiot. I’m up for an argument.

So what if the prescription was ready? So what if the surgery women asked me how my beautiful children were doing? So what. Yes, I felt all creepy being that angry at them, but it may not have been ready! And if it hadn’t been ready what could I have done about it? Nothing. 

And today I was angry because I got a message from my phone company O2 [They are named “O2” ’cause they suck all the air out of you] that I’ve used up almost all of my data for my iPhone 4S again. That never happened in the previous 30 months of iPhone 3GS ownership. Now it has happened every month I’ve owned the 4S.

One must never speak with British customer service angry. Their motto is “We will not tolerate rude and abusive behavior to our staff. The police will be notified.” And they mean it. None of the “Customer is Always Right” American nonsense. This is a country where a policeman arrested a student for calling his police horse “gay”. I don’t know if the horse thing is related but I laughed when I read it in the Guardian.

Three months ago I gave up unlimited data for a new iPhone. They didn’t tell me that the iPhone 4S eats between three to six times as much data as an iPhone 3GS. Did they know this when they sold it to me? I bet they did. It is all over the internet. I have to be careful what I say here, you get sued for libel here in England.

When I called I knew what to expect: The service lady asked me what I was doing that was using up the data. Not “That is a common complaint” but a round of Let’s Blame the Customer.

I didn’t act angry. I asked what I can do to not use so much data – not use the phone is basically what she told me – and then I suggested “that we work this out together. O2 gives me enough data so I don’t go over this month and we see what happens next month.” To which the lovely lady agreed.

And who knows? By next month I may smash the phone against the wall and I won’t have any problem with it eating data. And there won’t be any need to be angry.

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