2pm Monday 23 July 2012 Peckham Rye Park, Nunhead 

This is the week leading up to the Edinburgh Fringe is the busiest week. 

First, I  just realised I’ve not written a new show – ten days before the Fringe kick-off.

For my first Edinburgh  I started panicking ten months in advance;  the next year I felt stressed in March; last year the nerves hit in June.  At this rate, next year I’ll forget to turn up. 

What jumps the tension up is the boys are off school and I’m expected to look after them – them being a sensible 11-year-old and a nine-year-old wild one 

I must write about the escalating annoyingness of children. Every day they fight for their freedom with increasing moaning, sibling fighting, demands for money and things, and general disobedience. I feel it and I’m just a part-time parent.  You’d never let a child go if they stayed as loveable as a two-year-old.

And tonight is my radio show on London Arts Radio. We’ve got scheduled Doug Brooks from the One Tree Hill Society, Trees of Nunhead blogger, Graham Head, possibly the Bee Lady of Nunhead Sharon Bassey, and confirmed is my Postman, Alan Lewis. This is brilliant micro-broadcasting and not just for Nunheaders. 10:30pm at 104.4fm and streaming on www.resonancefm.com.

Here are some other subjects on hold until I lose the kids and am done with Edinburgh:

1. The annoying quality that  women have of asking for a favour and then telling you exactly how they’re going to pay you back – as if you’re not doing them a favour at all.

2.  How mass immigration benefits those who employ people and sell stuff.  And how  anti-racism campaigns stigmatise the “indigenous” populations who are the economic losers. 

3. My most recent comedy debacle and how I’m using the tenets of Zen Buddhism to understand my perceived  pain at blowing it again. 

But that’s for the future. 

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