2 PM Wednesday 12 September 2012 Nunhead Heights

I skipped posting yesterday – and the day before – and the day before that. My mood has been bleak and I shouldn’t post when I feel this way.

I started a post yesterday. It was the anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center but the love wasn’t flowing.

“Why wasn’t someone in New York being blamed for sending all those poor firemen to their certain deaths in the World Trade Center?” That was the gist of it.

“The Fire Commissioner of the New York Fire Department should have known that steel buildings fall down under the destructive force of fire. The firemen should have been trained to know better or stopped.”

But I realized that someone in New York might have been sanctioned already. What do I know, sitting in overcast Nunhead Heights, Southeast London, brooding about my radio show and my live show in Soho and my tour that needs to be arranged? What do I know about what is going on New York? And am I just writing this because my life has gone so wrong?

“We should let the whole 9-11 thing rest.” I was writing as I was mentioning the damn thing again.

The greatest victory for America is to let the evil ones know that they can take away our Grade A Office Space but they cannot take away our freedom to build even more Grade A Office Space. And then forget that ever lost the Grade A Office Space.

How stupid is it to build a museum on “Ground Zero”. As if there is a “Ground One” or “Ground Two”.

What would a 9-11 Museum tell anyone?

That jet planes flown into buildings are a bad thing?

That less than twenty people with passports and airline tickets can undo one of the biggest wastes of semi-taxer payer money – the grossly ugly, indulgent and impractical Twin Towers – paid for by my father in toll money every time he drove through the Queen-Midtown Tunnel or over the Throgs Neck Bridge?

A post about how much I hated the World Trade Center.

That American is so rich they can spend 500 million-plus dollars to tell the world that two big buildings stood at the site when $500 plaque would have done as good a job?

I’m also against Holocaust Museums.

They are only instruction manuals for killing Jews. “Look world. This is how a civilized advanced industrial nation concocted a plan to exterminate a race of people and almost got away with it!” Better to left that shit unsaid.

Something is wrong when you start celebrating your failures. I know because I celebrate my failures and all I have is failure.

9-11 was a failure. It was a low point in American history.

Even the Jews, who have experienced a lot of bad stuff, celebrate the victories.

The Jewish holidays of Passover, at fleeing the Egyptians. Purim, at not being killed by the Iraqis, and Hannukah, at fighting off the Syrians. Historians will probably note these weren’t major victories, but at least they were victories. I hope we forget about the new Holocaust Memorial Day.

There was no victory in 9-11. The victory will come later, I hope. There isn’t a victory in Iraq or Afghanistan. Who knows where the victory will come from? Who knows when it will come, if at all.

But when that time comes we can build a memorial and a museum.

That is the mood I am in. Bleak.

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