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A straw poll of people in more than 30 countries showed that dirty foreigners support President Barack Obama 81 percent to 19 percent for Governnor Mitt Romney. I wrote “dirty foreigners” for effect. All foreigners are dirty, that’s their nature.

Never trust a President who is loved overseas.

Who can forget Bill Clinton getting a standing ovation at the United Nations in the ‘90s? You’ve probably have forgotten or are too young to remember. That was during the time of his sex scandal and not considered having done much as President.

The United Nations is a place where the world’s nations meet. 100% of the other nations aren’t as good as America – some are near good but a lot are absolute rubbish. And standing up that day to applaud Bill Clinton in the General Assembly were probably Fidel Castro, Mohammar Gaddafi and Tony Blair.

I was hitch-hiking around Europe in 1975 – yes, 1975 – and was asked by the French, Dutch, Swiss, Danes – you name it “What did President Nixon do that was so wrong? He was very good for foreign policy!” Nixon was hounded out of office before he was impeached.

Richard Nixon subverted the American democratic system, the most perfectly created political system in the history of the world and I am not kidding.

The dirty foreigners could see little wrong with Richard Nixon. Subverting democracy? This was 1975 – one generation away from Hitler. What’s democracy anyway?

Not that Americans know what’s going on in Europe or elsewhere.

In the States, I got the distinct impression that the French loved their President at the time, Valery Giscard d’Estaing. I recall he was on the cover of Time Magazine and all that. I get to France and not one frog had a nice thing to say about Val.

Americans called the French “frogs” before we called them Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys. That was then. The French are growing on me because they are coming to terms to having lost the world to America and soon to the Chinese. That’s made them a little nicer to us. And I get alot of French people coming to my shows. God bless them.

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The foreigners always sound like they know what they’re talking about because they have cute accents – to American ears.

They actually know less than Americans because we Americans are more likely to admit we don’t know much about the world. We simply divide the world into two camps: The Irrelevant and The Dangerous.

A man who believes he’s a genius is an idiot. A woman who thinks she’s beautiful is a dog. A comic who judges himself funny isn’t. Europeans think they are smart, beautiful and funny.

That passport business – repeating endless that only 18% of Americans have passports – if I hear that mentioned again as a sign that Americans don’t know about the world because we don’t travel – I am going to rip up my passport.

So friggin what if Americans don’t want to leave America? That should be commended. America has everything and it’s residents want to stay there. It’s like you’re bad-mouthing a dude cause he loves his wife and doesn’t cheat on her. I moved to England and what did it get me? Okay, two nice kids but what else?

What can you learn about any country by visiting just it? Did I know about England before I moved here and I had been here four times. You don’t learn in a two-week vacation that for all their best intentions, foreigners don’t know what is in America’s best interests and they barely know what is their own best interests and finally, that they don’t care about what is in America’s best interests. That’s a sentence full!

That is why four out of five foreigners want Obama as President of the United States. And that’s reason enough to support Mitt Romney.

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5 thoughts on “Foreigners love Obama. That’s why I’m for Romney.

  1. You say a man who believes he’s a genius is an idiot. What about the guy who knows deep in his heart he’s a dumb shit for brains?

  2. You sound like a narcisstic douche who thinks his country is so much better than all other countries. Guess what, the Nazis in germany thought the exact same way. Guess what happened.

  3. and they say Americans don’t grasp sarcasm… That blogpost made me laugh out loud, but if Romney wins you have to promise to move back home and live in the apocalyptic hell-hole he’s going to create in your country.

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