10 AM Tuesday 2 October 2012 Nunhead Heights

It used to take a week to make an enemy. You had to leave the house and actually speak to people. At least that’s what I did.

Now I can make thousands of enemies in just a few minutes at home. All because of the internet.

They call it ‘social media’. In my hands, it’s ‘anti-social media’.

The accusations against ‘TV Comic’ Justin Lee Collins touched a nerve.

My children weren’t staying over with me, again. They haven’t slept over in months even though the court says I’m supposed to have them twice a week. I was feeling bitter and angry at being frozen out of my children’s lives.

Not the best time to be writing about relationships.

I posted a defense of Justin Lee Collins.

It wasn’t funny.

If I can’t make something I say or write funny I’m probably too angry or too wrong and I definitely shouldn’t say it or post it.

I’ve gone not funny again. I shouldn’t post this. I’ll make even more enemies.

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2 thoughts on “The new way to make enemies.

  1. Hi Lewis, everyone has an opinion, and everyone is entitled to an opinion, so don’t beat yourself up. Whether one person agrees with it, or several people agree or no-one agrees with it! You are entitled to have your say! However, when you generalise about a certain type of person, then you have to know you will incur the wrath of many! It’s ok if you think Justin Lee Collins is the victim, or not as bad as he is being painted, but, when you say that all women who say they are afraid of their ex-partner are not really telling the truth and just using the harrassment law to get their own way, it will upset people. Especially those who have become afraid for their own, and sometimes their children’s safety. Sadly there are too many cases where a man physically or mentally tries to subdue or abuse a woman and it is probably not easy to get away from this as your lives have become enmeshed! I suspect that both parties in the JLC case are exaggerating. He, because he is an exhibitionist and attention seeker by nature, and she because she is in some sort of publicity job and also because she is a recovering alcoholic and probably can’t remember details about drink filled nights out. I feel she may very well be vindictive, but he is also very stupid for doing whatever it is he’s done to let this spiral out of control. As far as you and your children are concerned, whatever the reason is that your ex is not letting them stay with you, you need to sort it out. If you have a court document that says you have a right to have them stay over, then you can have it enforced. You maybe reluctant to do that in case it harms your relationship with your boys, but they’re not really that young, and I suspect they’re quite intelligent, so try and have a chat with them to find out if they want to stay over, and if they do, get them to ask your ex to let them. If they don’t want to stay over, find out why and try and fix it. Don’t be mad if they don’t want to, it may be more to do with being around their friends on a weekend/evening, than not being with you, so you would need to be fun so that they want to be with you, (and watch Mrs Doubtfire, ha ha)! Maybe you have tried all the above approaches to no avail, so it maybe time to try some other way. I hope you find a peaceful solution to this, and that you are able to spend more time with them, they need it, and so do you.

    Jennifer X Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 16:08:25 +0000 To: jennifer_oliver@hotmail.co.uk

    1. Thank you, Jennifer, for you kind and measured reply to my post. There are bad men out there, too, and women who need protection. I thought I said that or implied that in my posts. If not, let me state it here. And I wish it were as easy as going to court for a father to see his children! With love, Lewis

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