9:30 PM 15 October 2012 Nunhead Heights

News of Nunhead

Nunhead is a Land of Mystery: From the origin of our name to the many dead people buried in our three cemeteries; from the two massive yet hidden water reservoirs to a secret nudist colony, Nunhead is nothing if not mysterious.

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The Ivy House, my local pub and a place I regret not frequenting before it closed, is up for auction. This is less than three weeks after being sold outright. Another Nunhead mystery. Thank you Nunheader Matt Soper for this news.

The auctioneers called Nunhead Heights “a popular and up and coming residential locality”. Congratulations go to Nunhead American Radio for fulfilling my Stated Number One Goal: To raise property prices in the Heights.

The Dish and the Spoon Café on Cheltenham Road announces it menu for Tuesday:
Carrot and Ginger Soup with bread and butter
Moons Green Ham & Sun Dried Tomato Tart
with green salad, fennel & red onion slaw
Ploughmans Platter – Your choice from the deli of two cheeses, salad, and bread and butter, or one cheese,
one slice of Moons Green Ham or Chorizo.

Actually, this was the menu for two Fridays ago. I think the place is special. Check it out. 61 Cheltenham Road, SE15 3AF.

The Woodentops, my absolutely favorite rock band, are based in Nunhead Borders by Peckham Rye Park. I befriended front man Rolo McGinty at the Fathers’ Under Fives Play Group at St Anthony’s and St Silas Church in Nunhead. The group was called by my ex “The Losers Club’. Rolo isn’t a loser but a proper rocker.

They are playing a rare gig Friday 26 October 2012 at Nambucca, 596 Holloway Road N7 6LB London, UK. Nearest Tube Archway on the Northern Line. Gig info click here.

Assume the show will be sold out and not just because it’s the Woodentops. It is “John Peel Night 2012” at the venue where the BBC DJ’s life is annually celebrated. We now know why John Peel’s favourite song was The Undertones’ Teenage Kicks.

Our special guest couldn’t make it tonight. Mr. Free Speech has been hijacked by Mr. Can’t Cause Me Offense, in front of the Google Building in West London.

Instead, we are blessed to have the lovely Ms. Kate Smurthwaite, one of the most committed atheist comics in the business – in a business as crammed with atheists as Topshop is crammed with tight jeans. And making a repeat appearance is Father Dele Ogunyemi of St Anthony’s and St Silas’s Church in Nunhead. A voice for God.

I know you are thinking it was a planned confrontation between the Very Right Vicar and the Vocal Vexer. The answer is that it is just a coincidence. I am not that organized. I just heard that Kate was single and…

Also on the show is lovely American Lisa Moyle, Englander Chris Dixon, and our house band, The Dulwich Ukulele Club with Richard Guard and Anna Crockatt. Big show in Peckham Rye on October 27th!

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