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News of Nunhead

What Munich is to Octoberfest; what Rio is to Carnival; what New York is to food, shopping, rap music, musicals, business, disco, sex…; the increasingly in demand Nunhead is to Halloween. We have three huge cemeteries making Nunhead the Land of the Dead. 

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A rededication service is to be held on Sunday 4th November in Nunhead Cemetery marking the complete renovation and reinstatement of 267 soldiers graves from the First World War.

World War One ended in 1918.

Is this a case of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission having too much money as the government isn’t killing as many soldiers as they used to and they have to find a way spend the money? My apologies if wrong. 

Only about 40% of wild Nunhead Cemetery is ‘protected’. I think the rest is open for ‘renovation’ which means neatly cut grass and no birds or bees, and more burials.

Why not join the Nunhead Choir at the Ivydale School this Thursday? Meet at 8 PM the 25th October 2012 and sing until 9:45 PM for only £5 a session. A maximum of £40 for the term. You will be lead by Richard Swan who is not only musically talented but quite a looker. Go to their website: NunheadChoir.org.uk.

A four-bedroomed house on St Mary’s Road in Lower Nunhead, equidistant from two train stations I don’t use, is being offered for sale at £750,000. That is three-quarters of a million dollars in a time of a grinding credit crunch. Even more proof that this radio show has increased property values in Nunhead.

On Saturday 27th October, the London Wildlife Trust will be leading an Autumnal walk along the dismantled Crystal Palace High Level railway. Meet outside Nunhead Station at 10:45AM with the London Wildlife Trust. The line was closed in 1954, if I remember correctly. 

The autumnal tree colours in Nunhead are more beautiful than anywhere else in the world because they last longer here, due to the slow decline to a winter freeze due to our West Coast Maritime climate, buffered from the ocean by the Nunhead Hills, and the warmth of its people.

The Southwark Council, according to nunheadnags.wordpress.com has funded first Nunhead Green shopfront under a new scheme to show how shopfronts they can be restored sensitively.

I have not noticed, in my very cursory reading, the main reason for the Green not doing well – the shortage of parking – is either omitted from the Regeneration Plan or doesn’t play a very large role. Ah, well, I cannot save the world, let alone Nunhead.

Our special guest couldn’t make it tonight. Mitt Romney is running for President of the United States. He is out worshipping his crazy God that makes him wear magical underpants. Barack Obama’s religion is reasonable. He worships a man who didn’t have a father.

Instead, as guests we have The Woodentops, my absolutely favorite rock band, are based in Nunhead Borders by Peckham Rye Park. Actually, just leader and front man Rolo McGinty. 

They are playing a rare gig Friday 26 October 2012 at Nambucca, 596 Holloway Road N7 6LB London, UK. Nearest Tube Archway on the Northern Line. Gig info click here. I am going, will you? 

Also on the show is the lovely American Heather Anderson, who lives hard by the Nunhead Train Station.

They join East Dulwich American Lisa Moyle, England Engineer Chris Dixon, and our house band, The Dulwich Ukulele Club with Richard Guard and Anna Crockatt. They have a big show in Peckham Rye on October 27th! The Day of the Dead!  We’ll all be there!

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