9 PM Monday 5 November 2012 Nunhead Heights


Nunhead, Nunhead, a haven for the American in Britain – where one out of every fifteen hundred residents is an American. Americans here are never called ‘expats’ as we are never ‘ex-patriotic’

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Nunhead is the first place to declare the results of its Presidential Election vote – even before New Hampshire’s Dixville Notch!

Announcement to be made at 5:58PM Eastern Standard Time – 10:58PM GMT on Nunhead American Radio

Your tally sheet

Registered Nunhead Americans:

Ananda* –
Carolyn –
Heather* –
Jeff K –
Jeremiah –
Jeremy –
Lewis –
Matt+ –
Randy –
Rebecca –

*Borderline but accepted, + Missing.

Honorary Nunhead Borders – To be counted in case of a tie.

Chuquai –
Edori –
Jeff M –
Jim E –
Lisa M –
Robin S –

English People We Love – English people cannot vote in American elections and should stop thinking they have a say in American affairs!

Chris –
Leanne –
Richard –
Anna –
Peter –

Other News of Nunhead:

The historic pub the Ivy House became the first building in the UK saved under the new “Localism Act.” The venue was home to many pre-punk rock bands, punk rock bands, post-punk rock bands, proto-punk rock bands, and nothing-to-do-with-punk rock bands.

Buildings listed under the Act cannot be sold without giving community groups the right to bid for them. Only in Britain would a pub built in the 1930s be considered a ‘community asset’.

Nunhead made the national television news this weekend, or at least the BBC, when a rededication ceremony was held at Nunhead Cemetery. The dead from World War One [1914-1918] were reburied or re-something, I am not sure. The woods above their resting places were cleared, a new monument places, and birch trees planted in the deforested grounds where foxes once scampered and finches once nested. A win-win for the forgotten dead.

From Friday 16th November, Baby Yoga classes will be at The Old Nun’s Head Pub, Nunhead Green.

“Baby Yoga is massage strokes (fully clothed), lots of songs & rhymes coordinated with movements, soft stretching & relaxation. Movement positions include laying, seated, standing and lifts.”

Also exhibited will be drooling, crying, pooing, napping, and more crying, and general disinterest.

Our special guest couldn’t make it today.

George Lucas is too busy giving away all of the money he made from selling his Star Wars films to Disney to show up at our studios. Making all of us mere earthlings feel inadequate.

Instead, we have the lovely Tania Edwards, a pure English comic; Robin Schacht, a pure American Washingonian and ex of Nunhead, and I am mean the real thing, not some interloper; and finally, possibly Jeff Kuntz, the Missourian Nunhead American.

My Co-Host is Lisa Moyle. Chris Dixon is working the desk. The House Band is the Dulwich Ukulele Club lead by Richard Guard with Anna Crockatt and Peter Hudson.


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