9 PM Monday 25 November 2012 Increasingly in Demand Nunhead Heights.

Nunhead, Nunhead. No matter how many trains Transport for London adds or removes from Nunhead Station, Peckham Rye, Honor Oak Park, or Queen’s Road Peckham stations, it will still take an hour to get anywhere from the increasingly in demand Nunhead Heights.

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East London Lines begin service at Peckham Rye and Queens Road Peckham on December 9th. The London Bridge to Victoria rail loop is being discontinued and trains will go directly to Clapham Junction.

If  I got gigs again in the Clapham Junction area then this would be amazing but I don’t. 

The Save the Ivy House Campaign – @Save_Ivy_House – is still waiting to know what is going on with the Ivy House, the very first pub saved under new legislation protecting ‘Community Assets’. As I have noted before, five or six times, only in Nunhead would a pub be a community asset.

We only know the owner is proper angry, is thinking of suing Southwark Council and won’t let the local people into the pub to survey it. Whoever screams loudest will win this one. 

Last week on Nunhead American Radio, all Nunhead gave thanks to Lewis Schaffer. 


The Cheltenham Café, the worker’s café of choice in the increasingly in demand Nunhead Heights, now has evening takeaway. Cypriot kebabs and grills and a free bottle of wine for orders over £25. Why can’t British cafes stay open for dinner out like in the US of A? Call 02077322459 to get your free bottle of wine. Seriously: Why can’t there be diner-type restaurants in the UK?

In the debate over what to do about the Elephant and Castle Roundabout of Death, this was said:

“We need to move away from 1970s design, where pedestrians are supposed to be somewhere and vehicles get to enjoy super highways where they can go as fast as they like.”

Who said those wise words?

The Southwark Council Cabinet Member for Transport, Environment, and Recycling.

I will mention that if the Council tries to remove on-street parking on the Heights.

Today, Nunhead American Radio is the 45th entry in a Google search for “Nunhead”. It was 672th during a check last year. Moving on up!

Happy Birthday to Nunhead American Radio’s Lisa Moyle’s other husband, David Moyle. He is 39! Actually, I don’t know his age and don’t care. Where is Lisa? That is what matters.

Our special guest couldn’t make it tonight. Save the Ivy House @Save_Ivy_House are coming in next week.

Instead we have personal favourites: Comic Near Nunheader Charmian Hughes and my older brother Randy Klein, New York Nunhead American Artist. He is sitting in for Lisa Moyle. Enjoy!

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