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That poor Psy guy.

He’s on the ropes for singing some anti-American song in South Korea before he became all famous with his Gangnam Style video.

Now he’s trying to weasel out of it, I guess because there’s money to be made in the United States and he wants to meet the President.

I know the feeling. I wish I hadn’t trashed all the people I have trashed.

I owe the Comedy Store an apology as I realize I was wrong to blame them for killing live comedy and I would like to work there someday. More on this another time. 

It feels good to trash people and countries – especially if they are far away in a distant land. Watch me do it here. 

On the other hand, I have never, ever, met a Korean who hasn’t expressed some disdain toward the United States of America.

And if there is a country who should be kissing America’s butt, it is South Korea.

South Korea was created as part of the greatest experiment in the history of the world.

After World War Two, much of the world was divided up into two areas of control. Some countries went communist under the Soviet Union and the Red Chinese. Others were under America hegemony. And I have never, ever, written the word ‘hegemony’ before. I think it means control.

Romania went to the communists. Japan went to us. Poland went to them. Czechoslovakia went to them. Austria went to us. And so on.

Some nations were split in half.

Most of China went to the commies though a bit – Taiwan – went to the Americans. The northern half of Vietnam went to the Soviet commies, the southern half to us. The western half of Germany went to us and the eastern half to the communists.

The northern half of Korea went to the Soviet/Chinese  and the southern half went to the American team.

Vietnam didn’t maintain the experiment, and went all commie in 1974. China switched teams after forty years and achieved much in the last 30 years. Some countries, after initially going communist, changed tack and adopted the American system – like Britain. That’s a joke but somewhat serious.

The results of this experiment are clear:

Countries under the guidance of the United States have developed into rich, stable and mostly democratic regimes.

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and West Germany, now just Germany, are the richest, most prosperous countries in the world.

Countries under the Soviet Union and the Chinese didn’t do that well: East Germany, North Korea, Bulgaria, and Russia and Red China, for that matter. 

Psy is not alone among Koreans.

I have met many Koreans – South Koreans, that is. The northerners aren’t allowed to travel, don’t have the money to travel, or are trapped in prison camps, even if they were allowed to.

I like Koreans. They come to my show in Soho – Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous – and they laugh as much as the next guy. That is more than I can say for Japanese people, for instance, who never, ever come to see my show. Screw the Japanese. 

During my show I often ask Koreans to say ‘Thank you, America’.

It’s one of my comedy ‘businesses’ and something that makes me the Best Comic in Britain. It educates the audiences about global relationships, shows how much I know, and makes people uncomfortable, which is my mission. 

The Times wrote “Where there is disorder, Lewis Schaffer creates chaos.” Actually, I wrote that. It’s true.

Do the Korean punters ever say ‘thank you’? I should say ‘Not’.

It is like they have never even been asked to consider thinking it. To the contrary. Every single South Korean expresses some bitterness toward the United States of America. If you’re Korean and you don’t have bitterness toward America, make a comment below.

Right now there are 30,000 American soldiers in harm’s way in Korea. Are they helping keep America safe? I don’t think so. Are they helping keep Korea safe so they can produce smart phones and cargo ships and who knows what else? Yes.

It would be nice, for once, to hear a loud ‘Thank you America” from the South Koreans. And sound like they mean it. Or at least stop being bitter. 

That’s easy for me to say. 

And no, I have NOT written this just because I am sick to death of hearing and seeing the Gangnam Style video.

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2 thoughts on “Which is the most ungrateful nation of them all?

  1. i’m a korean.
    and i think you should know
    even leftist appreciate what usa has done to us and do believe the biggest ally is usa.
    however so called left zombies believe usa is preventing two koreas from reunification.
    they are all over korean internet and the one who protest against usa.
    it should not represent what koreans think of usa.
    but go see bbc poll or something you can see korea is very fond and think positive of usa.
    you know there are always conspiracy related to america like how some american think 9/11 was an inside job.
    it is really unfair to call s.korea ungrateful and you should just ignore those kind of people.
    about casual korean not thanking usa i think it’s because usually korean don’t know and don’t care about international affair and also usa don’t really boast their help.
    similar reason that most koreans don’t even know that the phillipines helped in the korea war.

    1. Yes, Koreans doesn’t know that US and the Philippines helped in the Korean war because it is not taught there in your country. Why? Because for most Koreans, US and Philippines’ help is nothing. All you know is that you are the most superior race in the world. You are so absorbed by that sick mentality. Korea is ungrateful way back then, up until now nothing has changed, Koreans are still the same. Filipinos love Kpop, Korean products such as Samsung phones and Korean cuisine, but what do Koreans give them in return? Hatred. Koreans look down at Filipinos ALL THE TIME. They are very racist towards Filipinos and even to other south east Asians too. They think Filipinos as slaves and servants. They forgot that the Philippines was once the second most powerful country in Asia and if it wasn’t for US and the Philippines, South Korea will not exist. Way back in the glory days of the Philippines, Koreans went there to study English language and to finish their studies too and they never experienced racism. You cannot find a Korean who experienced racism in the Philippines way back then, but now Korea is an Asian Tiger, Korea looks down at the country who once helped them. What do you call this? Ungratefulness.

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