3PM Wednesday 30th January 2013 Nunhead Heights.

Comedy guru John Fleming reported the other day that I blocked Jonathan Schwab’s film about me.

I did not.

I only preferred that the film wasn’t seen. [John’s Blog ‘The Film of comedian Lewis Schaffer you cannot currently see online.’]

The German filmmaker himself restricted access to the film because he felt it was still a work in progress and to clear entry into American and European film festivals.

The film reminded me of FW Murnau, Fritz Lang, Werner Hertzog and even Orson Welles. If you’re into comedy and tragedy you’ll probably enjoy watching it. It’s brilliant.

I only wish it isn’t about me. You’ll see why when you view it. Or maybe I am wrong.

Because of the John’s blog I’ve asked Jonathan to allow the film to be seen. Or maybe because I am a poor judge of these things? Anyway, Jonathan Schwab has generously allowed access – but only for one week.

‘Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous’ by Jonathan Schwab.

On 7th of February access will be denied.

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4 thoughts on “I’m turned noir: The film I didn’t want you to see.

  1. you shouldn’t stop the film being shown Lewis, it shows you as a human being, melancholic maybe, but that’s the style of the film, but it shows you desiring your success, making people laugh, accepting criticism with a tongue in cheek. It certainly doesn’t show you to be a bad comedian or that anyone else thinks you’re one. It gives a good insight into how little reward there is for the gigging comic who hasn’t got a tv show or an arena tour. I know you (a working comedian) a hundred times over through the people I’ve seen trying to make it and there’s a truth that the film maker has managed to show in just 10 mins, well done him, well done you. Ok that’s enough ego-rubbing. Hopefully see you next time you’re up in the black country. Anyway I think you’re worth at least a fiver…

  2. Lewis. Enjoyed the film. Part of your charm is the self-deprecation. You are not always funny but you are always handsome. Pat from Croydon x

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