19 April 2013 Friday Nunhead Heights

You may have noticed I no longer have wondrous black hair. It is amazing how fast a man’s hair can go grey when he stops colouring it. Therefore, I have had new publicity photos taken.

I have posted five or six un-photoshopped photos to be used for my Edinburgh Show ‘Lewis Schaffer is Better Than You’ and possibly my Leicester Square Theatre show ‘Lewis Schaffer’s American Guide to England‘.

Would you please be so kind, as the English might say, as to tell me which photos you prefer?

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Lewis Schaffer’s American Guide to England
Every Sunday at Leicester Square Theatre. £10. Full details and tickets.

Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous
Every Tuesday and Wednesday at the Source Below, Soho. Free admission. Full details and reservations.

Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer
Every Monday at 10:30PM on www.resonancefm.com and 104.4fm London. Or hear past episodes on iTunes and FeedBurner.

3 thoughts on “New publicity photos – Which do you prefer?

  1. Not sure if any of them work, Lewis. I get the ‘poverty’ angle you’er aiming at, but the jacket and pristine white shirt rather cancel out your ‘Incredible Hulk’ trousers. You could remedy this by letting a combine harvester drive over you and then live for a week in a sewer before commissioning another photographer.

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