3PM Sunday 26 April 2013 Nunhead Heights

The 44 year-old publisher of the student publication didn’t want do an interview with me about my extended run at the Leicester Square Theatre, continuing this Sunday at 4PM in the 430 capacity Main House. Tickets £10 available at the Box Office and online. Click here.

“Too old and against gay marriage” were his reasons.

I hate the man.

I am old, and I can understand how he’d think I’ve nothing to say to a university student.

But against gay marriage?

Oh, I remembered: The blog post I wrote last year. “I am against gay marriage.

He must not have read it. I wasn’t being anti-gay, I was being anti-marriage, completely. Or so I thought.

The gist was that the State doesn’t support marriage for heterosexuals, how can it be expected to support marriage for same sex couples?

I’m also against hearing any more cringingly happy people trumpeting their happy relationships – more boring people calling their partners “Wifey” or “Hubby” and detailing every pointless minute on facebook and twitter or in my real-life space. I know, I used to be married and was very boring.

Why should others be happy when I am miserable? And I know how quickly relationships go to pot, ending in acrimony, and possibly state-supported alimony. And I will have to hear all about that, too.

You can read my post if you want; it is one of my better posts in my genre of Bitterness.

My flatmate Fidel, who is very sensitive to these issues, thought that my being against gay marriage sounded homophobic, if not was actually homophobic. And probably the publisher thought so, too, but didn’t say as much.

Which is why I hate people.

I will forgive Fidel, though.

See me at the Leicester Square Theatre tomorrow at 4PM. Tickets £10 available at the Box office or online.

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