Richard Herring inspires Lewis Schaffer

Inspired by alternative comic Richard Herring, who is to forego poster advertising of his Edinburgh Fringe show and use the money he saves to give every audience member a free copy of his DVD 10, Lewis Schaffer is to do the same.

Lewis Schaffer will be spending his entire promotional budget for Lewis Schaffer is Better Than You at Heroes @ The Hive on giving every paying audience member a free copy of Richard Herring’s DVD 10.*

“I thought,” thought Lewis Schaffer, “this year, why not spend my entire £75 promotional budget on something that people might actually want? People love Richard Herring. I would give them a DVD of my shows but my shows are unfilmable and people don’t like me.”

Lewis Schaffer is Better Than You will have a combination of paid admission tickets and pay-what-you-want-when-you-leave free tickets available.

Edinburgh Fringe 2013
Heroes @ The Hive
8PM except Wednesdays
Info and Tickets

*As long as Lewis Schaffer can strike a deal with Richard Herring to get them cheap. If not, Lewis Schaffer will give a similar DVD with a value of at least £1 to all paying customers.


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