3PM Saturday 29 September 2014 Nunhead Heights.

Lewis Schaffer at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Photo by Sean Thoburn.

Lewis Schaffer at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Photo by Sean Thoburn.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I continue my shows at the prestigious Leicester Square Theatre. 5PM in the Lounge. Only £10. It continues until late November and then moves to 7:30PM. Every Sunday.

I should put the word ‘show’ in quotation marks as it isn’t much of show. Just me. Just me and you, actually, as it isn’t much of a show without you. So please come.

Last week I received a complaint about a guest appearance I made on a show in north London. It came from the campaign manager for women’s rights in Afghanistan at Amnesty International. I have removed references to the actual jokes as she neglected to make them funny.

‘Lewis Schaffer was not just sexist or misongynistic but actually offensive. He is not funny. There was no satire in his set. It was not poking fun at a situation, it was offensive and distasteful. These ill-placed and ill-delivered “jokes” are inappropriate to say the least. Not a single person in that room last night found those comments funny – and many were specifically offended, as I was.’

Amnesty International is worthy cause. Please give to them so that the world can hear my jokes. Click here to give.

Finally, in case you missed it, please read how my shows can change lives.

People meet and fall in love in the chaos. People also decide that the person they are with aren’t worthy when they see their mate not laughing at Lewis Schaffer. It is like being in a plane crash. If you walk away, you see things differently.

Read how comedy changes lives:

And in case you missed this, too, here is a review of the Resonance FM fundraiser gig I did on the 11th September for Stewart Lee at the Bloomsbury Theatre. It is from the blog of respected comedy critic Bruce Dessau.

Finally, listen to the latest episode of Nunhead American Radio with guests Rebecca Allen, participating in the Nunhead Art Trail, and comedian Adam Bloom. Funny.

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