3PM Friday 4 October 2013 Nunhead Heights

Here is the video from my big Bloomsbury Gig with Stewart Lee:

Just seven minutes until the battery died but you’ll get the idea. Well-filmed by Laura Synthesis, American Vegan and Nunhead American Radio star.

Then read the review by Bruce Dessau, comedy critic of The Times and the Evening Standard, if you haven’t read it already. “Near-raptuous applause”, if you believe that.

What do you think of renaming my Leicester Square Theatre show
“Lewis Schaffer: Homeless in London”? Can you think of another name? American, Lewis, and London, and worth £10.

Right now it is horribly named “LEWIS SCHAFFER: AMERICAN IN LONDON”. This Sunday at 5 PM.

American comic Al Lubel – I loved him so much when I saw him on Johnny Carson I stole his act – will be on my Resonance FM NUNHEAD AMERICAN RADIO with Lewis Schaffer show this Monday at 6:30PM. Plus another American from Nunhead!

Listen to my friend Barry Katz’s INDUSTRY STANDARD podcast – for the inside stuff on how American TV and movies are made. I am mentioned in this episode but not in the others.

LEWIS SCHAFFER IS FREE UNTIL FAMOUS – the longest-running solo comedy show in London is Tuesday and Wednesday 8 PM. Totally different from Sundays. True.

Finally, in case you missed it: Read how my shows change lives in John Fleming’s SO IT GOES blog. People find love at my shows. And realize they are with people they shouldn’t be, too.

Let the love flow

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