1 AM Wednesday 18 December 2013 Nunhead Heights

First, the paperwork:

The other day I called my resumption to post writing “warming up” after Richard Herring’s name for his blog. I was promptly told I shouldn’t call it that as it is proprietary to Richard Herring. Read Richard Herring’s blog.

Well, that was the point.

Don’t you think Mr. Hoover was happier to be known as a verb for vacuuming than to be put in the recesses of history for just inventing the vacuum cleaner? I am not even sure he invented the vacuum cleaner. I thought I was doing Richard Herring an honour to make him a verb.

Here is the News (Can I call it that?)

Nunhead Radio ended the year with a run of amazingly entertaining shows. We had Munnery, Herring, Wehn, Howie, Ashdown, and Gordillo, to name a few celebrities . Plus, we had many interesting Nunhead people, who I have forgotten.

What the point of the radio show is, I do not know. If you know, please tell me. All I know, it is fun to do and seems listenable.

You can listen to Monday’s show here: Comic Josh Howie and Major Alan Norton from the Nunhead division of the Salvation Army.

And here is last week’s show with Richard Herring.

Other radio episodes are available on FeedBurner and iTunes.

The Year in Review:

I can’t remember the last time I thought that a year was good. Maybe in 2000 when I got married and came to London? Oh no. Expect next year to be dreadful. As the Zen master says: Just wait. What is good today is bad tomorrow.

The High Points:

German Jonathan Schwab made a film of me at the Source Below that was genuinely great. Watch  it here.

I did my biggest show in over ten years at the Bloomsbury Theatre at the request of Stewart Lee and it went brilliantly. Read about it here from Bruce Dessau. See part of it here, filmed by Laura Synthesis.

I had my first sell out paid show, ever, this year. Ever. After 20 years of hacking it I sold out the last show of the year at the Leicester Square Theatre. Thank you Martin Witts for your support.

The Source Below shows keep rolling along. The longest running solo comedy show in London. Thank you, Stefano, for your lovely club and hospitality.

The Relatives band joined Nunhead American Radio, adding so much, like when cells took in mitochondria. Watch them here on the show singing about Nunhead. (They actually joined in September of last year.) Also on board is Laura Synthesis, our Listener Rep, who does more than just listen.

Comedy Blogger John Fleming continued to write about me. Read his piece on how I bring people together. One of many posts. And I had a lovely piece in The Scotsman by Claire Smith and one in Time Out – the latter posting a five star review.

I am getting funnier because I have had the most brilliant people taking an interest in me. In this group are an Oxford student on her gap decade, an IT whizkid, and a sociology student at Goldsmiths. All under 25. Wow.

I have left a lot out and not thanked enough people, including Toby Adams, Peter Goddard, Liz Zitzow and Jason Tribe.

Oh, and Nunhead Beats the Bounds – the parade we organised this year – and will do it next year – and my kids, who were good, and finally got to sleep over in my flat after over two years, and I was tested by a urologist and didn’t have prostate cancer, as I thought I might, and well, I have run out of time… not as in dying, but as in my set allotment of writing time.

What’s going on next year? I will put that in another post.

Remember: Lewis Schaffer is sponsored by
www.britishamericantax.com for all your tax needs. Competent.

Carbon Restaurant at 78 Brewer Street, Soho W1F 9TY for pre-theatre food. Above the Source Below. Delicious.

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