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12:07AM Friday 20 December 2013 Nunhead Heights

I am on Level 79 of CANDY CRUSH, the phone app game.

I have completed 78 puzzles – plus additional puzzles called ‘Quests’. I am stuck on 79 right now, with spreading chocolate glop stopping my progress to Level 80.

When (and if) I complete this level, I will rejoice. I will feel deep satisfaction. I’ll be relieved. A victory! Lovely!

I always feel that – at least for a few moments.

Then onto the next level.

And on and on I will go.

A friend is on Level 97. I envy her. She completed Level 79 and must be happier than I am. But she seems fraught when talking about CANDY CRUSH. She is just as miserable as I am and she should be so happy.

So CANDY CRUSH is like life.

We forget about our successes and we might as well not have started, we’re going to be just as miserable no matter how many times we win, and in the end we will have nothing to show for it.


[I should have left the house tonight. My dopamine level must be very low – whatever dopamine is. And I should stop playing that stupid game.]

This is a link to something about games addiction. I haven’t looked at it but I thought it would seem nice of me if I attached it. How to fight computer game addiction. ]

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