3PM Monday 20th January 2014 Nunhead Heights

This week is supposedly the most depressing week of the year – the third week in January. And today is supposed to be the most miserable – Blue Monday.

I am bummed out – as we used to say in the ’60s – but I feel that way every day. I actually feel a bit less depressed today knowing that others are sharing in my mood. This is the day for misery what New Year’s Eve is for being happy. It is for amateurs.

Last week, though, was exceptionally miserable.

I messed up on the dates of my tour and double-booked myself into Carmarthen, Wales on February 8th. If you were planning on seeing me there, don’t. I am very sorry for the inconvenience I have caused. I have so few gigs, mainly because I do so little to get gigs, and feel horrible that I have messed up one. It was completely Schafferian of me.

Last Tuesday, Ben Williams – the comedy man of Time Out magazine and website – came to my show at the Source Below and I decide to die, spectacularly. Also very Schafferian of me.

Ben has been a big supporter of mine and if you were there, you knew it wasn’t the best of comedy experiences. Maybe you thought it was the best, depending on how desperate you enjoy seeing your comedian.

I was in a mood to begin with.

My beloved Stefano, the Landlord of the Source, had just told me he was hanging up his wine glasses for the last time and to expect a new Landlord.

The main Landlord, Gerard, [Stefano’s freeholder] was coming to talk to me and see the show. What good could that bring? He hasn’t seen me in a while. Was I to be fired?

Then, the number people in the audience were the lowest it had been in a year – and we’ve been very busy lately. Not to mention I was a bit fluish, and hyped-up as a meth-head after watching 20 straight hours of Breaking Bad. I was running around as if the Cartel was after me. The result was bleak.

I hope Ben doesn’t come to his senses and think “What was I doing recommending Lewis Schaffer?”

Click here to read 30 reviews on the Time Out website of the show. And please write a review yourself.

Today it hit me that on February 2nd – Sunday – I will be doing my big show at the Leicester Square Theatre – and no one knows about it.

My paid shows are different from the free shows – something about paying for it in advance makes it different. I cannot say better, but different and just as worth it. Remember, my shows were sold out last season, so get up and buy a ticket for Lewis Schaffer: American in London.

One bit of good news: My UK tax people – Liz and Pav at British American Tax –  told me that I owe the HMRC money for 2012/2013. Not a lot, but something. It is a sign that I am doing better. We will see how long that lasts.

On the radio news front:

Last week, super-famous actor [among children and young adults] Connor Byrne – Mike Milligan, MBE, of Tracy Beaker fame – visited my NUNHEAD AMERICAN RADIO show. Click here to listen. It’s brilliant, as I have been told.

Tonight – Monday 20th January 2014 at 6:30 PM UK time or 1:30 PM NYC time – our guests will be madman comedian Bob Slayer. Resonance 104.4FM and resonancefm.com.

Oh, Gerard told me I could stay at the Source as long as I want, so that was a bit of good news. Not that it will make me happy, though.

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