3PM Thursday 23 January 2014 Nunhead Heights

Wait for it.

I will be the final act on the four-comic Resonance FM benefit show RESOFIT Friday February 14, 2014 Valentine’s Day  at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

I will be on the bill with Josie Long, Daniel Kitson and Stewart Lee. That is it.

‘Look at the picture. What is wrong with the picture?’ Me, that’s what’s wrong.  I don’t belong. Or do I?

I could quote Kitson in answering: Should I be in the company of the brightest luminaries of British Alternative Comedy? “Fuck yeah!!!” I’m Lewis Schaffer!

Buy tickets here: http://www.thebloomsbury.com/event/run/1891

People have called me a miserablist but my world view is more complicated than that. I do feel joy but only through misery. And I feel misery through joy. Okay, that is not much more complicated.

Please buy your tickets.

Speaking of alternative comedy – The Establishment Club, the anti-establishment club for The Establishment which has been re-established after a fifty-year hiatus, has asked me to do something, I am not sure what. The show starts at 3PM Sunday at Bentley’s in Mayfair.

Keith Allen will be MC with comic Jerry Sadowitz interviewing atheist curmudgeon Richard Dawkins. This, itself, will be worth the price of admission. Plus wildman Terry Alderton – presently on EastEnders – and live music. Oh, and me.

Founder Peter Cook won’t be able to make it because he’s delayed by death.

I will be missing my son’s football match for this. Details at http://establishmentclub.co.uk/

Finally, my pay-in-advance show at the Leicester Square Theatre – Lewis Schaffer: American in London – is fast approaching – first date of the new season is Sunday 2 February 2014.

Why anyone would want to pay £10 to see me, or even want to see me for free, I don’t know. And I mean that.

Then again, why wouldn’t you want to see me? Me, who is on the same bills as Stewart Lee, Daniel Kitson, Josie Long, Jerry Sadowitz, Keith Allen, Terry Alderton, and RICHARD DAWKINS?!?!?

I’m Lewis Schaffer! Get buying.


If I you ask me which show to see, if you could only see one show, I wouldn’t be able to make a decision and would be unhappy.

So see all three.

And get your USA and UK taxes prepared at britishamericantax.com – tax people of Lewis Schaffer!

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