2PM Friday 21 March 2014 Nunhead Heights

The happiest part of the flying experience is not when the plane lands. The happiest part is finding the fuselage in the South Pacific off Australia.

The relief. That’s the way it is for me, at least. Relief is the closest I come to happiness.

I’m relieved to announce that Lewis Schaffer: American in London – my paid solo show at the Leicester Square Theatre – has had its run extended – again. It is set to run almost every Sunday to June 22nd.

The Sunday shows have been getting near-capacity audiences and the comedy experience has been considered very good. I wouldn’t know how good the shows are, if they are any good at all, as the more I enjoy a night the more negative feedback I get. Most people don’t like being flown into the Pacific Ocean. I do.

But with every safe landing, with every success, with every relief, comes the next chance for failure.

What will happen on the way from the airport? Will we get into an automobile accident? What heartache is waiting us at home? And then, will we crash when we have to fly again?

Will you come to my show? Will you tell your friends?

Happy thoughts!

Thank yous to Martin Witts and to people of the Leicester Square Theatre.

Lewis Schaffer: American in London
Leicester Square Theatre Lounge
6 Leicester Place
London WC2H 7BX

The schedule:

23 March 8:30pm
30 March 8:30pm
6 April 8:30pm
13 April 8:30pm
20 April 6pm
27 April 8:30pm
11 May 6pm
18 May 6pm
25 May 6pm
1 June 6pm
8 June 6pm
22 June 8:30pm

Shows are 90 minutes in length including an interval and cost £10. Information and tickets are available at the Leicester Square Theatre website: Click here.

Have your expat American and British taxes prepared at
britishamericantax.com. Ask for Liz – she’ll help you.


Lewis Schaffer on the Radio :
Now in our fifth year:
Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer
Mondays 6:30pm
Resonance FM 104.4 London

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