2PM Thursday 8 May 2014 Nunhead Heights
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[Screenshot on my tiny netbook.]

I have a new website.

It’s beautiful in mostly black and white. James Veitch of designmutt.com created something lovely for me. Check it out now or wait until you have read all of this. Click here.

It is part of a full-on marketing campaign created, hopefully, to give the impression I am doing well and suitable for hiring for corporate events and hen parties.

[Come see me this Sunday, 11th May 2014, 6pm, at the prestigious Leicester Square Theatre in Lewis Schaffer: American in London.]

And it’s working. One woman took the bait.

The mother of my children has started to believe I’m a “hit”, to use Jackie Mason’s term, and she petitioned the Child Support Agency (CSA) for more money.

The CSA is a bureaucracy to find out how much money fathers have and to get some of it to the mothers. Unfortunately, there isn’t the same type of organization that keeps track of how much time and involvement mothers can and should give to the fathers.

James Veitch and designmutt.com has completely recreated my website and made it seem that I’m “happening” – happening is a word we used in the 1960s.

Not only is James a great designer but also a very funny comic.

I saw him the other day at Martin Besserman’s Monkey Business Comedy Club doing a 50 minute set. The fact he got Martin to give him 50 minutes indicated his power as a person. He reminded me of – wait for it – and I mean this nicest possible way – he reminded me of a modern English Woody Allen. Woody Allen from Woody’s genre-creating-stand-up days and not Woody from his doing-something-inappropriate days. He’s someone who exudes confidence while seeming lost.

Please go to my website. (Or should I say “our website”?). It’s the first go but it’s still amazing.

James gave me a very good rate to do it. I cannot be sure he will give you the same low price –  Heather Stevens organised all of this for me – but you can ask.  I think he was shocked by her chutzpah and my lack of financial success. The CSA will be shocked when they see how poorly I am still doing.


My website was designed by designmutt.com. Have your website designed there, too.

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