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2PM Tuesday 1 July 2014 Nunhead Heights

Martin Walker of Broadway Baby asked me to tell him about my 2014 Edinburgh Fringe show. Here is an extract of what I told him:

“It is like every other show I’ve done: Under-prepared and under-thought. Only this time I know it. I am basking in the under-preparedness and the under-thought-out-ness of it all.

The title: Success Is Not an Option is as close to my life story as I’ve done. I’m 57 years old and have been doing this for twenty years and I am not a success, I will never be a success, and even if I become a success, I’m not gonna be ready for it. I don’t even know what success for me would be.

The audience will not be seeing the next big thing, or even a big thing of the past, just a man, crumbling slowly to death, creating a racket as he hits the floor. Or maybe they will see an hour of tight stand-up. Who knows?

But still, I am more interesting and funnier than 99.9% of the comics in Britain, and you all can screw yourselves for not noticing.”

Read the rest of the interview here on the Broadway Baby website.


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