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“Would totally see him again if he totally made over his show.” Farra Pedley

Usually I post only the most interesting reviews – and those reviews are from people who hate my show and/or me.

Now, for the sake of balance and a desire to have people come to my show Lewis Schaffer: American in London at the Leicester Square Theatre this Thursday at 9PM, I have reprinted every review I received on a London theatre club site. Theatre clubs are organizations that provide tickets to their members at a discount and these members almost always haven’t heard of me.

“[He is] funnier than the previous reviews suggest.” Anonymous

“…inclusive racist jokes” Corinne Edwards wrote “I would see him again. I was invited back to his flat in SE15….”

“The most uncomfortable hour of my life.” Anonymous.

(Lewis Schaffer in the big room of the Leicester Square Theatre. I perform in the Lounge)

Every review of “Lewis Schaffer: American In London” at Leicester Square Theatre on a theatre club site:

Corrine Edwards 6-Jul-2014 Rated : 4 Stars
Very intimate venue, a little night club ish. Lewis was very funny, a little close to the bone sometimes. nothing too creepy, and the audience liked him. inclusive racist jokes taking the piss out of white South Africans , the Irish, the Welsh etc. As an American Jew he seemed to grasp the sense of humour. I would go and see him again. Maybe not sitting in the front row. I was invited back to his flat in SE15….

Seema Bassi 25-Jun-2014 Rated: 4 Stars
We met Lewis on our way in and he quickly established where we were from, then used that information in his show. My guests are from the USA so it worked well in the show. I would go again, but I get the impression that the quality of his show is strongly linked to the audience.. The show is otherwise entertaining.

Andrew Shaw 19-May-2014 Rated: 5 Stars
We we were greeted by Lewis at the door and I ended up having a chat with him that ran over the start time of the show. Lewis covered amongst other things, Jewish self-deprecation, the difference between the Americans and the Brits, the nature of Britishness, divorce, aging and Princess Diana. In such an intimate venue, there was a great deal of interaction. If an audience member responded with something funny, Lewis made great play of writing down the line to use next time! The thing is, he was already several steps ahead of us, and could come back with something to crease us up with laughter. Go and see this guy if you get the chance! Very very funny and also full of wisdom as to how the world works.

Marcia Balay 11-May-2014 Rated: 5 Stars
I enjoyed the show. Lewis was very human and the jokes kept coming. My favourite was about the native Americans. I love the way his jacket fits him. It reminded me of Jerry Lewis. The time of the show was perfect for me on a school night. The staff at the venue are all friendly and polite. All in all I had a top evening. Thank you

Anonymous 18-Nov-2013 Rated:Four Stars
It was much enjoyable and funier than the previous reviews suggests

Anonymous 17-Nov-2013 Rated: Four Stars
I thoroughly enjoyed the show, it had plenty of sarcasm and was interactive so if you are not ready to have your image scrunched up don’t go to this gig.

Anonymous 2-Nov-2013 Rated: One Star
The most uncomfortable hour of my life. We were just very few during the comedy act and I couldn’t wait to leave.

Anonymous 21-Oct-2013 Rated: Four Stars
Look, if you want to sit back and see a slick stream of jokes and observational and inoffensive material, then look elsewhere. But if you find much modern observational stuff a bit bland and mainstream, then an hour with Lewis Schaffer could be fun. It can be a bit uncomfortable (he would say, ‘like sex’). Try to leave your sense of self-righteousness and political correctness at the door, where you are quite likely to be warmly greeted and welcomed by this likeable man. In his act, you never quite know what will happen next- and I have little idea whether he does either. It gets edgy, crude, probably way too much for many people, but nobody left at the interval. He plays around with ethnicity, colour, sex and sometimes reflects outrageously on the British, among whom he affects to reluctantly live. His constant interaction with members of the audience is often very funny. Certainly if you are the type who likes bantering with comedians from the front row you might just love this! I read a review about Lewis that said he has a self-destruct button the size of a dustbin lid, and that seems spot on. But never bland, and love him or hate him, you will find yourself talking about him afterwards.

Angela Weaver 15-Oct-2013 Rated: Four Stars
Greeted by the man himself at the door of this venue. The promotional flyer intimated an American’s view of life in London however the material was anything but. Instead the small audience were, almost without exception, engaged in verbal exchange with Lewis, providing fodder for his observations. He openly admitted deviation from his script which actually raised more laughs than his set which was rather close to the line. I wouldn’t recommend this comedian if you are easily offended by overtly sexual comments, racism or derision of religion.

Anonymous 14-Oct-2013 Rated: Two Stars
This was an interesting experience! I have never seen a comedian perform infront of such a small bunch of people before… there were about 20 of us and it all felt really intense! Some of the material went a bit too far out over the line but I think we all enjoyed the show in good humour, well, all of us but for one person who went on about being offended right at the end of the set!! I would have liked to have heard more about the comedian’s experiences of being from the US but living in the UK (cock and bum and just being offensive for the sake of being offensive jokes are all a bit lame). A curious experience but I’m glad I gave it a whirl!

Farra Pedley 13-Oct-2013 Rated: Two Stars
Charming and charismatic person. But disappointed with the material. Wanted to hear about his experiences as an American in London or even England. Unfortunately very little focus on this subject. Would see him again if he totally made over his show. It is a missed opportunity.

These are all the reviews. Thank you to Peter Dunbar of the Leicester Square Theatre for collating the list.

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