3AM Wednesday 17 December 2014 Nunhead Heights

Photo by Matt Crabtree at the increasingly prestigious Leicester Square Theatre, to use John Fleming’s increasingly used phrase.

To the new reader: I only post about bad things that happen at my shows.

This week has seen bad news and good news.

The bad news is that we are all going to die, be slaves or convert to an ideology that we hate. Our world will end in bloodbath of incredible brutality and barbarity that will sadly see the end of my increasingly respected comedy career.

The good news is that I found a hat.

I spotted the under-£5 knitted hat on the sidewalk in front of my flat, soaked in rainwater. Hats are like cheap umbrellas. Finders keepers. I believe this. 

On the other hand, you cannot hold onto mobile phones if you find one in the street – you have to find the owner. A week ago I found a Blackberry near the London Bridge tube station and got it back to the owner. 

I was given a £13.42 reward for the effort. (£25 but I went to the post office and paid £11.58 for postage.) No matter. Great guy me!

Tomorrow, Thursday is my last show of the year:

I will be at the Leicester Square Theatre tomorrow. Please join me it is only £10.  9:15PM on Thursday, 18th December 2014. 

Last Thursday, I had a group of 12 tax accountants DRAGGED to my show by the company entertainment director or biggest yenta at the firm. Her motive was that it was “cheap”. She hadn’t heard of me nor read any reviews. Nor had anyone else in her party. Judging from the face of her boss, the woman has been fired.

The employees were being treated to some sort of team building exercise, a reward for a good year or as punishment for a bad year. I wish that upon no one, especially not useful people like tax accountants.

At the interval, they ran for their lives. The rest of the audience, who had chosen to come and had known what to expect, somewhat at least, enjoyed a relaxed second half. That is why I don’t do Jongleurs Christmas shows, office, stag and hen parties. One should make up their own mind as to whether they want to be subjected to me. 

On the plus side, it alerted me to file my own paperwork with Liz and Pav at the amazing BritishAmericanTax.com. I went home and got cracking. 

My radio show is now amazing:

This week’s Nunhead American Radio had Sofie Hagen, the Danish comic and Wendy Daffin of AG Flowers, the Nunhead Flower Lady. Brilliant programming!

It’s the mixture of the international professional broadcasters (Sofie) and the micro-local (Wendy) that makes my show so good. And do you know what else makes my show the best radio show in the world? Lisa Moyle, my co-host from New York and East Dulwich. Everyone loves my co-host. Meh. 🙁

I would also advise you to listen to the episode where we had Stewart Lee. This is the best bit of radio I have ever been involved in. I just put the elements together and wow! 

And watch and listen YouTube. “Bet He Wishes He Was Stewart Lee (And So Do We.” (90 seconds) and all the other videos.

More stuff at our Nunhead American Radio page.

Comic and football pundit Ian Stone was on last Monday’s Nunhead American Radio 8 December 2014 with Major Alan Norton of the Salvation Army of Nunhead.

Our last new radio show of the season is December 22, 2014 at 6:30pm UK time and Saturday 11:30am UK time on Resonance FMWe return January 5th, 2014.

As a reward for reading this far:

Come have a laugh with me live, this Thursday at 9:15M in London at the Leicester Square Theater. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Because you read all the way down to here, use the code “American14” when buying tickets to my show, and  get two tickets for the price of one. This should be the right code. Save a fiver. 

Extra Stuff:

MY WEBSITE: DesignMutt set it up for me. 

MY TOUR: New dates added to my Tour 2015 including Plumstead. Check the website. Free until Famous on Tour 2015.

Here is a video of me performing stand up in Nunhead last year. It made me laugh.

More reviews for my showLewis Schaffer: American in London. “…inclusive racist jokes” Corinne Edwards. 

TAXES BY: BritishAmericanTax.Com – ask for Liz.

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