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2AM Wednesday Decemeber 31st 2014 Nunhead Heights

Happy End of Year!

First, thank you reading my emails and my blog, for coming to my shows and/or for giving me some money.

This past year has been very good.

Not objectively good but good in the way it will seem when we look back on it from the future. Race, religious and class wars and full-blown Ebola are yet to come. Parteeee!

Some high points:

# Stewart Lee, Terry Alderton, Henning Wehn and many other interesting people were all on my radio show. Listen here to ‘tapes’ of it.

# This year I set up a tour of art centres and theatres in the UK for Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous in 2015. If the world doesn’t end I will be able to pay back the money I borrowed from people who love me, mostly HMRC, HSBC, Barclays, Woolwich and Southwark Council.

# I managed to not get fired from the Leicester Square Theatre and got my run extended to the end of April 2015. The next show is 9:15PM on Thursday 8th January. Come hang with me.

# I have renamed my show Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery for 2015. Either I am miserable or I cause misery. Your pick.

# Another highlight was working with the people at the new Peter Cook’s Establishment Club. I got to talk and listen and eat with Richard Dawkins, Victor Lewis Smith, Keith Allen, Richard Corrigan, David Tabizel, Michael O’Brien George Galloway, and David Ickes. Incredible.

# And finally, the year will be remembered by me as the one where I was diagnosed (and successfully treated) for sleep apnoea. I did not have prostate disease as I feared. I couldn’t sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time without waking up screaming.

If I was particularly not funny it was because I was chronically exhausted. My apologies but I have an excuse. I can now sleep. The problem now is that I am not tired enough and have insomnia.

My radio show:

The last Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer show of the year was with comic and ‘Angry Boater’ Joel Sanders. Lovely vegan Kentuckian Georgian Laura Synthesis gave the Year in Review and pronounces we had a good men-women balance on the program. We also guest appearance of public mental health specialist Sam C. who tentatively diagnosed me as “depressed”. Listen to December 22nd 2014 Nunhead American Radio here. Our best show ever!

Again, have a listen to the episode where we had Stewart Lee on the show. This is the best bit of radio I have ever been involved in.

Our next new radio show of the season is January 12th, 2015 630PM UK time and Saturday 11:30am UK time on Resonance FM with scheduled guests comic Dane Baptiste and Friends of Southwark Woods (my name) Anne Stanesby.

Save our Southwark Woods. Read about it here.

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