4PM Monday 5 January 2015 Nunhead Heights

Lewis Schaffer Kensington Johnson Age 12

The photo is of Ms Kozlarek’s class at Kensington-Johnson School, Great Neck, New York. Age 12. I was the second row, extreme left, above the black kid, Marty Pinckney. His father was a doctor, lived in a big house in Kensington, and was the most popular boy in the class.

The New Year Has Arrived.

I spent the opening minutes of the new year with my Wild One Son – one of my two favourite children – trying to get on top of Nunhead Reservoir to see the fireworks over the Thames. Thames Water Ltd, or PLC or something, the owner of the property, decided to the seal the larger holes in the fence priory to the event, as is their right but not very loving, either, and I was too fat to slip through the remaining hole. My son got in in time to see the last exploding rocket of the night. It was one of the best New Year’s ever.

New Years 2015

# If you are reading this today, Monday, and decided to listen to my radio show Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer at 6:30pm, you will find that the show is a recording, and not live. We start the season next Monday, January 12th, 2015 with comic Dane Baptiste and Anne Stanesby of  the new group to save the woods of Nunhead. Listen here at 6:30pm.


# The old photo of me is from 1969 – look at my magnificent hair!) is to remind you that I am a real person and not just an celebrity so don’t get too angry with me. 1969 was the year the Mets won the World Series – the high point in my life up. You ask “Why do Americans call it the “World Series when only Americans play baseball?” Answer “Because it is OUR world, baby!!!” Or was our world…

# You can, if you want to help me get through the dying bit of my life, and pass the time in your life, come see me this Thursday at the Leicester Square Theatre. I am working on some new jokes regarding life in pre-war England (2015) and that unnecessary Prince Andrew. I was touched by a 26 year-old woman when I was 17 years-old. Disturbingly, I also hold fond memories.

My run is extended at the Leicester Square Theatre to the end of April 2015. Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery is the new name for 2015. Either I am miserable or I cause misery.

# Oh, I will be in Gloucester Guildhall  Friday January 16th, 2015 with Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous. Y’all come by as it is free admission. Click here to find out more. Go to my website and see the all dates for Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous Tour 2015.

That is the news for now. I have a bit of a head cold and can’t focus. I give you my apologies.

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