1PM Thursday 15 January 2015 Nunhead Heights

Tonight, Thursday, is Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery, my solo show at the Leicester Square Theatre. Stewart Lee, who is deeply respected, and rightly so, said that my show was one of the eight best shows he had seen in 2015. Andy Kindler, who occupies as similarly lofty perch in comedy in the USA, made that tweet a favorite. You all come see me.

Last week’s LST show, specifically, was one the best comedy shows I have ever done. Not that it was very good but it was interesting and I laughed alot. It was the first show of the season I expected it to be much worse. One enthusiastic audience member, a young woman, got so involved she blurted “Stop talking. It’s my turn to talk!” I nearly broke a rib laughing.

You can read about it in John Fleming’s blog. (I also discuss with John Fleming serious stuff about mental illness and why my shows are the way they are.) I spoke to him about wanting to make my mother laugh, which is why I do stand up.

Some of you are worried about what just happened in France. I am not concerned as I can’t draw. Stop drawing cartoons and everything will be okay. And stop supporting Israel. And say you are sorry for what the British did in Iraq in 1918 and in India in 1947. And stop drinking and associating with women who aren’t family members. And stop the Jews from doing whatever we do… and  and … Anyway, come see me this Thursday (today) at the Leicester Square Theatre and we can talk about it (or not, depending.)

This week’s real radio:

Monday’s Nunhead American Radio show was our best show ever. Amazingly, it always is. We had comic David Hardcastle, representing the new Martin Witt’s Museum of Comedy in London and Anne Stanesby from the new Save Our Southwark Woods campaign – email stanesbyanne@gmail.com to help save the woods. This is my new project. Luckily, my stalker, environmental architecture lecturer, Blanche Cameron is involved.

Our next new Nunhead American Radio show of the season is January 19th, 2015 630PM UK time and Saturday 11:30am UK time on Resonance FM with scheduled guests are comic Mark Steel and someone else.

And I am on tour:

I begin my tour this Friday in Gloucester and, as usual, I am not prepared. Go to my website and see the dates for Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous Tour 2015 – 24 dates this spring at the best places.


And watch and listen on YouTube to “Bet He Wishes He Was Stewart Lee (And So Do We.)” (90 seconds) and all the other videos by the Relatives, Nunhead American Radio’s house band.

That’s all, folks…

MY WEBSITE: DesignMutt set it up for me.

MY TOUR: Gloucester Guildhall Friday 16th January. Check the website. Free until Famous on Tour 2015.

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