6 PM Saturday 14 February 2015 Nunhead Heights

I uploaded another video of me from Alex Martini’s show“The Horror of Racism”. I hope it makes me look funny to people who’ve never seen me.

TOMORROW, 6PM Sunday is Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery, my solo show at the Leicester Square Theatre.  You can see me in London instead of waiting for me to come to you. 


There was meeting last Wednesday to save the woods of Nunhead and East Dulwich and all of Southwark, IT WAS CRAMMED AND RAMMED. People were turned away. It is the first step in our dream to turn a desolate cemetery into a 100 ACRE WOOD. It will not be easy as there are powerful interests around.

Please read and sign the petition to Save Southwark WoodsAnd go to @southwarkwoods on twitter and to the facebook page.  

We now have Green, Liberal Democrat and Conservative support.

Nunhead American Radio:

We did two shows on Nunhead American Radio this week. They are not on NAR MixCloud yet but on the Resonance FM MixCloud. Click here to listen: Monday we had Nick McNeil of the Old Nuns Head pub and Blanche Cameron from the Save Southwark Woods campaign. Thursday was our First Hour Long Fundraising Special with young comic Joshua Ross, Laura Synthesis, Pyrotechnists’s Arms’ landlord Dennis Conlin, and American artist and Skip Sister Edori Fertig. We did an hour of radio, and it was good (at least by my standards).

This Monday’s radio show February 16th we will have Welsh-Jewish comic Bennett Arron (this time, he confirmed) and Vicki Mills, our Nunhead Councillor from the Labour Party. She is leading the council’s proposals for the Southwark Woods. 

Leicester Square Theatre London:

Billions of tickets are available for this Sunday at the Leicester Square TheatreNo urgency except in that I may die! 


More stuff at our Nunhead American Radio page.

And I am on tour:

Go to my website and see the dates for Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous Tour 2015New date in Redditch, near Birmingham. 

More stuff:

MY WEBSITE: DesignMutt set it up for me. 

MY TOUR: Check the website. Free until Famous on Tour 2015.

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