Lewis Schaffer touching a man’s lovely hand. Photo by Peter Bazeley

Lew’s News:

Things are hotting up here. We are working hard to save a little bit of wild woods in the Southwark Hills of London but first…

Media to watch and listen:

I lose my rag (or my nuts, or whatever the term is) with Councillor Mills on Nunhead American radio. Listen.

Watch video of The Relatives singing about the Southwark Woods and my role in this: Lewis Schaffer is Nunhead Moses. Watch.

Last week I uploaded another video of me from Alex Martini’s show “The Horror of Racism”. If you missed it. Watch,

And watch and listen YouTube. “Bet He Wishes He Was Stewart Lee (And So Do We.” (90 seconds) and all the other videos by the Relatives, our house band. Watch. 


I am off to Leicester (the City) to do gigs Friday and Saturday as part of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival. 9PM at Duffy’s.

Sunday at 1:30pm (afternoon) I am interviewing the celebrated comedy critic Bruce Dessau in North London. I have asked him to come up with answers so I can figure out the questions. 

Later Sunday, we are at the Leicester Square Theatre(London) at 6PM. Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery, Only £10. “We” meaning you and me. 

Nunhead American Radio:

Last Monday, Nunhead Councillor Vicki Mills came on my Nunhead American Radio show on ResonanceFM 104.4. Live, real radio.

She should be fighting for Nunhead and trees but has chosen to support wealthy morticians, religious fanatics and the council bank account. Listen to me get angry. Write a letter to Vicki Mills if you live in Southwark. Welsh-Jewish comic Bennett Arron was there and was funny and confused.

Please read and sign the petition to Save Southwark WoodsAnd go to @southwarkwoods on twitter and to the facebook page.  Write a letter to someone.

Next Monday on NAR we are scheduled to have Tim Arthur, the editor of TIME OUT as our guest. What a coup. Plus another guest. More stuff at our Nunhead American Radio page.

Again: Come this Sunday to the Leicester Square Theatre

More Stuff:

Go to my website and see the dates for Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous Tour 2015New date in Northallerton.

MY WEBSITE: DesignMutt set it up for me. 

MY TOUR: Check the website. Free until Famous on Tour 2015.

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