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2:30PM 16 July 2016 Nunhead Heights for Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016

New York Jewish comic Lewis Schaffer has landed a Palestinian sponsor for his five star Edinburgh Fringe show ‘Lewis Schaffer:
You are Beautiful’.

The Palestinian owner of Arab Cargo company has long been a fan of Schaffer and offered to sponsor this year’s show at Just the Tonic.
London-based Schaffer said the owner of the company prefers to remain anonymous, however he is a huge fan and has seen the comic many times.Lewis Schaffer said: “I am unbelievably thrilled that someone has shown faith in me, even if it from someone who has deep disagreements with me.

“My own people – by that I mean the Jews and the Americans – have never supported me. You always hear how Jews look after their own but Spielberg hasn’t called, nor has Woody Allen thrown me a bone. Even David Baddiel won’t return my phone calls.”

In an unusual move Schaffer is bringing back last year’s show, originally titled: “‘Lewis Schaffer, Free Until Famous”. The story of a transatlantic transgender love affair earned him tremendous reviews last year, with critics calling it “hilarious”, “amazing and brilliant” and “inspirational, almost spiritual.” Comedian Stewart Lee listed it on his top shows of 2015, calling Lewis Schaffer a “genius Jew”.  The Scotsman newspaper gave the show Five Stars.

Schaffer said: “I know it is frowned on to bring the same show back to Edinburgh for a second year but I am tremendously proud of this show. It has a beginning, a middle and an end and jokes, lots of jokes.

“People who like my shows know that no two Lewis Schaffer shows are alike so I’m hoping they will come back and see the show again. This show was the unexpected success at the end of many years of abject failure so I’m reluctant to let it go.”

Arab Cargo, based in West London have been specialising in carrying freight to the Middle East since 1977. The owner has described the experience of watching Schaffer as like being trapped in an episode of ‘The Office’.

Schaffer said: “Trapped inside ‘The Office – which is about how the Palestinian people must feel under Israeli Occupation. God Bless Arab Cargo – and may that be any God they want.”

Lewis Schaffer: You are Beautiful 

5:35PM (17:35) Full Edinburgh Fringe Festival run except for 15 August.
Just the Tonic at the 
The Community Project
Venue 27
86 Candlemaker Row, EH1 2QA
Tickets Link:
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