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Russell Howard and NAR 2015

Broadcast live at 6.30PM UK every Monday on Resonance 104.4FM and usually 5:30AM UK Time on Saturdays – since 2009!

Saving the woods and graves of the Camberwell Cemeteries –, Organizers of NUNHEAD BEATS THE BOUNDS – Nunhead’s Annual Parade.

Stewart Lee on Nunhead Radio 2014

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Listen live at 6.30PM every Monday (or to the rebroadcast every Saturday at 11.30AM) on 104.4FM (London) or

Relisten to comic Nick Dixon and Aquarius Golf Club Chair Jim Halliday
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Relisten to 26 March 2018th Radio with Californian comic Russell Hicks.
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25 September 2017 with wild Canadian Comic Craig Campbell

18 September 2017 with Nunhead Art Trail’s Garry Parsons and Art Comic Pete Bazely

11 September 2017 with Comedy Legend Al Lubel 

10 July 2017 with Super Bob Brett Goldstein and The Office Ewen Mcintosh

24 July 2017 with comic Paul Ricketts and Nunhead American Aram Delgado

17 July 2017 with Irish comic Rory O’Hanlon

10 July 2017 with comic comic Brett Goldstein ​of the movie ‘Super Bob’ and ‘Hoff the Record;’ and Ewen Mcintosh (Keith in ‘The Office’)

3 July 2017 with comic Lucy Frederick.

26 June 2017 with Edward at Last Hobson and Rose Ives talking about Nunhed Beat the Bounds 2017

19 June 2017 with Scottish British comic Alan Francis

12 June 2017 with Scottish British comic Geoff Boyz

5 June 2017 with comic and Psychologist Shelley Bridgman 

22 May 2017 with Nunhead’s Helen Orton and Nunhead’s Crooner Billie Brindle

15 May 2017 with  ​poet, playwright and broadcaster, ​Murray Lachlan Young

8 May 2017 with Liverpudlian comic Tim Clark

24 April 2017 with is ​​seminal British alternative comic Arnold Brown

27 March 2017 with West Country comic James Dowdeswell and accountant for the Nunhead American community Liz Zitzow. 

20 March 2017 with five star comic Martha McBrier

13 March 2017 with Nunhead’s clown comic Martin Soan and cemetery campaigner Blanche Cameron

6 March 2017 with laconic comic Desiree Burch , no Lisa and half of the Relatives Radio Band

27 February 2017 with comic, cult figure and in joker Joz Norris

20 February 2017 with comic, writer and tv person Danielle Ward

13 February 2017 with laconic comic Mr Javier and no Relatives Radio Band

6 February 2017 with comic Milo McCabe aka Troy Hawke and Jean Leddy Hart, our NYC listener

30 January 2017 with Comic/Vlogger Chris Dangerfield

23 January 2017 with beautiful Californian Londoner Comic Sara Mason

16 January 2017 with blistering comic Andrew Doyle

9 January 2017 with London Pantomime Horse Race Organiser Mark Biddiss and Californian in London Comic Russell Hicks

19 December 2016 with Surrealist Comic Tony Law and from Rat Race Cycles in Nunhead, Pete Owen

12 December 2016 with New Jersey Asian Comic in London Rick Kiesewetter and from Save Southwark Woods Campaign, John Repsch. 

5 December 2016 with Ewen McIntosh of The Office and Helen Robertson of London’s Pantomime Horse Race

28 November 2016 with comic Trevor Lock and Relatives’ Richard Guard walks out

21 November 2016 with American Native American Chuquai Billy and Major Tim Lennox of the Salvation Army Nunhead

14 November 2016 with Social Activist Comic Nick Revell

31 October 2016  – Show not transmitted due to technical reasons

24 October 2016 with Songwriter Ariane Sherine

17 October 2016 with Comic and Actor Toby Williams AKA Dr. George Ryegold

10 October 2016 with Latvian Comic Gatis Kandis and Henry Scott-Irvine of Save Tin Pan Alley

3 October 2016 with Comic Thom Tuck and Nunhead American Laura X Synthesis

26 September 2016 with Bedford Comic Paul Ricketts and Nunhead American Aram Delgado

19 September 2016 with Asian British Comic Aatif Nawaz and Nunhead Artist Rafael Klein

12 September 2016 with Pun King Leo Kearse

5 September 2016 with American Comics Reginald D. Hunter from Georgia and Chelsea Hart from Alaska

25 July 2016 mustachioed comic Guy Coombes and Nunhead American photographer Jill Wooster. 

18 July 2016 with pianist, composer, diva Tamara Barshack

11 July 2016 comic Rich Wilson and Pastor Tanisha Fraser of the Alpha and Omega for Overcomers

4 July 2016 with comedy critic Kate Copstick and Malcolm Hardee Award Organiser, John Fleming (and my personal blogger)

27 June 2016 with comic Tania Edwards and Nunhead American Laura Synthesis

20 June 2016 with comic clown Beth Vyse and new Beat the Bounds organiser Edward At Last (and comic)

13th June 2016 with local comedy legend Steve Frost and Nunhead American Janet Johnson

06 June 2016 with comic, actor and writer Nat Luurtsema

30th May 2016 – No show – Bank Holiday.

23 May 2016 with international comic John Fothergill and international musician Yinka Oyewole (2nd visit)

16 May 2016 with international musician Yinka Oyewole and Peckham Park Run Organiser Kevin Chadwick

9 May 2016 with Comic Candy Gigi and Friends of Nunhead Cemetery person Jeff Hart

2 May 2016 – No Show – Bank Holiday

25th April 2016 with clown comic Chris Lynam and comedy entrepreneur David Tabizel. 

18th April 2016 with Comedy Poets The Office Girls

11th April 2016 with Rolo McGinty of the Woodentops

4th April 2016 with theatre director Alex Lass and founder of Nunhead Food Assembly Sarah Ross 

21 March 2016 with Italian-British Comic Alex Martini and Nunhead American Jeff Kuntz

14 March 2016 with Polish-English Comic Andy Zapp and The Vicar of Nunhead Dele Ogunyemi.

7th March 2016 with American Comic Lynn Ruth Miller and USA Tax Specialist Liz Zitzow 

29th February 2016 with Crystal Palace Supporter and Comedian Andre Vincent and Save Southwark Woods Organizer Blanche Cameron

22nd February 2016 with Canadian Comic Dana Alexander and Kentucky Nunheader Laura Synthesis

15th February 2016 with Black British Comedian Paul Ricketts and Guest Sarah Nichols

8th February 2016 with Hank Dog and Annaliese Dog with tree campaign hero, Blanche Cameron

1st Februay 2016 with Comedy Legend Sol Bernstein with Nunhead American Leah Mullen and Peckham Christina Gullick 

25th January 2016 with John O’Neill of the Ivy House Sunday Tongue and Nunhead Reservoir Rosie Thompson

18th January 2016 with sex symbol and entertainer Earl Okin and Nunhead-American Opera Star Pamela Hay 

11th January 2016 with comic Carly Smallman and Angry Boater and comic Joel Sanders

30th November 2015 with poet Chuquai Billy and entertainer Frank Sanazi

23rd Novemeber 2015 comic Micky Dwyer (Micky D) and tree hugger Abby Taubin

16 Novemeber 2015 with comics Janice Connolly (Mrs. Barbara Nice) and Eleanor Tiernan

9 November 2015 with American Comic in the UK Robyn Perkin and Laura X Synthesis 

2nd November 2015 with Alternative Comedy Michael Brunstrom with Peckham and Nunhead Campaigner Eileen Conn

19 October 2015 with comic Hal Cruttenden

12 October 2015 with Dreadded Comic Paul Ricketts and Green Campaigner  and Philadelphian Abby Taubin

5 October 2015 with comic Darren Walsh

28 September 2015 with comic Rich Wilson

21 September 2015 with Italian Comedian and Intellectual Giacinto Palmieri and Nick Woodford of the Peckham Coal Line

14 September 2015 with comic Ed Aczel

7 September 2015 with rockstar Rolo McGinty of the Woodentops

[May, June and July shows to be added soon.]

27 April 2015 with comic Stuart Goldsmith and Audience Rep Laura Synthesis

20 April 2015 with comic Russell Howard and Major Alan Norton of the Salvation Army Nunhead

13 April  2015 with comic Sindhu Vee and Camberwell New Cemetery campaigner Henry Blamey 

30 March  2015 comic Dominic Frisby and Tax Expert Liz Zitzow

23 March 2015 with comic Chantal Feducine-Pate and Cllr Darren Merrill 

16 March 2015 with comic Narin Oz and Socialist Candidiate for MP Nick Wrack

9th March 2015 with comic Christopher Dangerfield and Jeff Hart from Friends of Nunhead Cemetery

2nd March 2015 with comic Tim Renkow and Conservative MP Candidate Naomi Newstead

23rd February 2015 with Richard “Bugman” Jones and Tim Out’s CEO Tim Arthur 

16th February 2015 with comic Bennett Arron and Councillor Victoria Mills

9th February 2015 with Old Nun’s Head landlord Nick McNeil and environmentalist Blanche Cameron

2nd February 2015 with American comic Rick Kiesewetter and Nunhead American opera singer Pamela Hay

26th January 2015 with Boston comic Alex Edelman and silent reading club founder Rhoda Idoniboye

19th January 2015 with comic Mark Steel and Blanche Cameron, environmental activist.

With Lewis Schaffer and Lisa Moyle

With Lewis Schaffer and Lisa Moyle

12th January 2015 with Comic David Hardcastle and Anne Stanesby of Save Southwark Woods.

22nd December 2014 with angry boater and comic Joel Sanders and Nunhead American Laura Synthesis

15th December 2014 with Sofie Hagen, Comic, and Nunhead Flower Lady Wendy Daffin.

8th December 2014 with Major Alan Norton of the Salvation Army Nunhead and Ian Stone, Comic.

1st December 2014 with Billy Brindle and Stewart Lee.

17th November 2014 with Chuquai Billy, Laura Synthesis, Lynn Ruth Miller and Mike McShane.

These shows not available now:

24th November 2014 with comic Terry Alderton

10th November 2014 with comic Will Franken and Nunhead Thanksgiving Dinner planner Abby Taubin

3rd November 2014 with “Madame Magenta” Lindsay Sharman.

27 October 2014 with comic Luke Capasso

The only radio program for Americans living in Nunhead, London Borough of Southwark.

Every Monday at 6:30PM UK Time and repeated Saturdays at 11.30AM UK Time.

Nunhead American comic Lewis Schaffer and his co-host Lisa Moyle explore the struggles of the most marginalised and under-threat immigrant group in the UK: Americans.

Experience Nunhead and Britain through the eyes of Americans living in Nunhead.

Broadcast live from the Resonance FM studio every week on 104.4FM and, the Sony Award-winning London arts radio station.

Music by The Relatives with Richard Guard and Anna Crockatt, stars of The Relatively Good Radio Show on Resonance FM.


Join other Americans living in Nunhead, non-American Nunheaders, and special non-Nunhead guests, as we talk news and history of Nunhead and Britain. With Bradford Englander Leanne Bower, on the knobs and American Laura Synthesis representing our audiences.

Enjoy Nunhead as much as we do!

Listen live at 6.30PM every Monday (or to the rebroadcast every Saturday at 11.30AM) on 104.4FM (London) or

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