“Exhilarating” “A bloody good laugh” “Unlike anything else”

Lewis Schaffer was one of the top comics in the home of stand up comedy, New York City, as house MC at the Comedy Cellar and the Boston Comedy Clubs in Greenwich Village.

A short visit to London in 2000 went very wrong when love and marriage took him from his beloved New York and gave him children, divorce and heartache in the UK.

Now trapped in a multi-occupancy council flat in Nunhead, a suburb of Peckham, Lewis Schaffer is making the worst of a bad situation.


“Electrifying… a bizarre cross between performance art, a swingers’ part and a papal blessing. Five Stars.”

Claire Smith, The Scotsman

“Schaffer is disconcertingly terrific. He is compelling, unique and most of all unpredictable.”

Bruce Dessau, London Evening Standard


“An hour with Lewis Schaffer is an hilarious, cathartic, exhilaratingly appalling experience.”

Kate Copstick, ITV & The Scotsman


“A fixture on the Soho comedy scene. Who better to give it to us straight than this New Yoiker?”

The Independent


“His rapid-fire delivery takes a heavily ironic pop… everything is fair game. The darker and drier, the better.”

The Guardian


“Schaffer’s dry, acerbic style is exhilarating to watch. It’s a bloody good laugh and unlike anything else on the comedy circuit. Go see Lewis Schaffer.”

Time Out London


“Lewis Schaffer has a unique style – he can insult you and love you in the same sentence.”

Time Out New York


“Almost every laugh he gives us he tops with another, bigger laugh. I would pay to see Lewis Schaffer.”

The Scotsman


“Well worth catching.”

The New York Post


“He is a skilled, masterful and above all, eye-wateringly funny guy. If you consciously choose not to see him, don’t bother coming to the Fringe.”



“His solo shows are a unique,roughly cut diamond.”

London is Funny