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The reviews are in for the play I am in Giant Leap at the Pleasance Theatre starring Phil Nichol and Tom Stade.

Dominic Cavendish in The Telegraph recommended Giant Leap as one of the plays to see of the festival and gave it ★★★★ (Four Stars). “A fine body of comedians, including Phil Nichol and Lewis Schaffer, strut their thespian stuff in this aptly bunker-like venue.”  Claire Smith in The Scotsman gave the play ★★★★ (Four Stars), “Schaffer as Gitin has some brilliantly funny lines.”  Steve Bennett of Chortle ​gave the play ★★★ (Three Stars) and ​described me as “A desperate Jewish New York comic, somewhere between Woody Allen and George Costanza, is a role stand-up Lewis Schaffer was born to play.” Edinburgh Festivals Magazine gave the show ★★★★ (Four Stars) and said “The casting is a success, with each actor giving a convincing performance of their well suited roles.​ ​ Tim Bano of Fest Magazine gave the play ★★★ (Three Stars) “Lewis Schaffer plays comedian Mitch in best cod-Woody Allen style, shoulders raised in a permanent shrug and every line dripping with self-deprecation. Tom Stade is a drunken novelist convinced of his own undiscovered brilliance. They’re both good.” Dominic Maxwell of The Times gave the play ★★ (Two Stars) “​[the director​] ​has the mixed blessing of having a bunch of comedians for a cast.“​ Cara McNamara of The Skinny gave the play ★★★ (Three Stars) saying “The only consistent humour, however, is provided by Lewis Schaffer’s neurotic east coast Jewish comedian.​”​

Pretty good notices for the first time I’ve acted in a play in 41 years. Thank you Phil Nichol, the Comedians Theatre Company and Director Alex Lass.

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