8 PM Monday 2nd July 2012 Nunhead Heights.

News of Nunhead for Nunhead American Radio 10:30PM in Nunhead and British Summer Time, 5:30PM in New York. Listen live at www.resonancefm.com and on the real radio 104.4fm every Monday evening. That is tonight, if it is Monday. 

Nunhead is the haven for the most marginalized of all immigrant groups in Britain, Americans.
Our town motto is “If you’ve been to Plumstead, you’ve pretty much seen Nunhead.”

It has been pointed out by our hardworking Labour Councillor Renata Hamvas that  Southwark cemeteries have a problem with burials as it is now the fashion to use American-style caskets rather than simple coffins. Caskets are those big wooden boxes that look like bulky Victorian furniture. They take up a lot more space. Even in Nunhead Americans get the blame.

Read my posts about losing the woods of Nunhead and Dulwich. Worthy reading though not humorous – tragic really. “Will we regret cutting down the forest of Southwark?” (Nunhead is in the London Borough of Southwark).

Speaking of America, Wednesday is the 236th or 237th anniversary of the date when Britain first split into two. The United States of Britain decided it didn’t want the pesky and anti-monarchical 13 Colonies to continue to call themselves British. If the were to continue to be British the Americans would have had to be given equal representation in Parliament. The two nations, now two peoples, are better because of it. Read my post about this: Thank God King George Lost America. It is something you might not have thought about.

It has been pointed on the fantastic Southeast Central Forum that there was a plan afoot in the 1960s to run a highway through Nunhead called the South Cross Route Ringway. One of the only sections they built was the very dividing Westway in west London. I know if I had lived then I’d have had an apoplectic fit – lord knows it is killing me how the council is chopping down acres of woods AS WE SPEAK. Leave it to the government to make the biggest messes.

Tonight’s will be another edition of the most amazing radio show in the world, Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer, co-hosted by beautiful New Yorker Lisa Moyle.

On board is local historian Neil @Transpontine talking about his fantastically interesting website transpontine.

Public purse accountability expert – I think I know what that is but we will ask and be sure – and Nunheader, Ed Hammond.

Also coming in is David Mills a very tart and very funny San Franciscan comic and he is bringing along Arkansas comic Beth McGregor.

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