2:45PM Tuesday December 8th, 2015 Nunhead Heights

My first show of my run at the Museum of Comedy is tonight at 7PM but…

I’m changing the name of my show from “Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous”, £10 to “Lewis Schaffer: You Are Beautiful”.

I called it Free until Famous, £10 because the show I was to do in Edinburgh was my first pay-in-advance show in eight years.

What I didn’t anticipate, at least consciously, was for the show to develop into something very different from what I had done before. It has a narrative, a message and appropriately placed jokes. It is a proper show.

I think people should know they aren’t going to be seeing the same thing as before.

Last night, the madman all-media entertainer Alias Cummins pointed out that people (him) assumed I was doing the same old show I was doing BEFORE I went to Edinburgh. He wasn’t the first who had said that but made me decide to change  the name. It will take a day or so to alert everyone and change my own web stuff. I don’t have time right now as I am going off to pick up my sons and then go to my show.

David Hardcastle of the Museum of Comedy told me “It’s a typically astute career move from Lewis Schaffer. He changes the title of his show after all the promotion has gone to print and five hours before his show starts.” I think that means he didn’t like the idea.

Lewis Schaffer​: You Are Beautiful​

Astonishingly gifted but fraught with self doubt, New York comic Lewis Schaffer has become a cult on the London comedy scene.

Comedian Stewart Lee called him a “genius Jew” and included him on a list of his top ten shows of 2015.​ And Bruce Dessau (Evening Standard/Times/Beyond the Joke) wrote “There is nobody else like him in stand up in the UK”.)

His latest show sees him attempt to overcome his obsession with failure and embrace love and acceptance – with surprising results.

It earned him rave reviews in Edinburgh, with one critic calling the finale: “a cross between performance art, a swingers’ party and a papal blessing.”

* * * * * “brilliant and amazing” The Scotsman

* * * * “disturbingly hilarious” Fringe Guru

Lewis Schaffer​: You Are Beautiful

December 8 ​7PM​
​December 9​ 8PM
​December​ 10 8PM
December​ ​11 8PM
December​ 12 8PM
December​ 16 7PM
December​ 17 8PM​
December​ 18 8PM
December​ 19 8PM
December​​​​​​​​​ 20 8PM​
​December​ 21 8PM
​ £10

​​Museum of Comedy
The Undercroft, St Georges Church,
Bloomsbury Way,
London, WC1A 2SR

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