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Lewis Schaffer To Charge For his Free Show

The man the Scotsman called “the superstar of free comics” will charge admission to his free show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015.

Legendary comic and personal failure Lewis Schaffer risks even greater failure by charging £5 for the same thing he has given away at the fringe. His new show is to be called ‘Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous, £5’ making it even more confusing.

“I think I can achieve a higher level of failure by charging money at the Edinburgh Fringe. I envision empty seats and a smattering of disappointed punters thinking I’m not worth the price of admission. Frankly, most people thought my free show wasn’t worth the price of admission to begin with.”

It is said that “only six people in the world know what Lewis Schaffer is doing with his comedy, and Lewis Schaffer isn’t one of them.” Lewis Schaffer said that.

“I chose to do a paid show this year in Edinburgh because I could see success with my free shows and couldn’t stomach it.  I picked Just the Tonic at the Grassmarket to do my show as it was on the route between the big four venues and I because Darrell Martin is the only venue manager that doesn’t seem to hate me.”

There is a chance that he will be sold out and he will not be a failure anymore, making him a failure at being a failure.

How will charging admission in Edinburgh will affect Lewis Schaffer’s Free until Famous Tour 2015, the first country’s free comedy tour with 45 dates in England and Wales, is not knowable. Knowing Lewis Schaffer, it will somehow mess it up.

Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous, £5
Just the Tonic Community Project
Venue 27, The Grassmarket
86 Candlemaker Row,
Edinburgh, EH1 2QA
0330 220 1212

Tickets £5, Available at the door or from the Edfringe Box Office
Awaiting link to buy tickets.

‘Truly unpredictable comedy that is grimly compelling is occasionally painfully unwatchable. Sometimes Andy Kaufman with jokes, sometimes Andy Kaufman without jokes.’ (Bruce Dessau Beyond the Joke)

‘…described as a comic…Schaffer has apparently chosen to do everything in his power not to be funny, which is often funny in itself but mostly just plain awkward.’ (Edinburgh.FringeGuru.com)

‘One year I will go to every one of Schaffer’s shows and document the journey.’ (Copstick, Scotsman​)

‘We were at the front and he was so bad lol! We laughed so much out of pure pitty… Then at the end asked for donations​.'(Carrie Ryder, Plumstead People)

@lewisschaffer on twitter

lewisschaffer.co.uk website

Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer
ResonanceFM 104.4fm London Weekly

Lewis Schaffer: International Man of Misery
Leicester Square Theatre, Weekly to the end of June.

Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous
Nationwide Tour​

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