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News: Lewis Schaffer put on a show and it made people happy. Review of Edinburgh 2015.

This year’s solo show, Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous, £5 at Just the Tonic Community Project , in Edinburgh was a success. And if you know me, I don’t use that term often.

First, I charged £5 a head and people came. Or enough came. I didn’t do massive flyering and did no advertising or promotion to fill the 50 seat room.

Second, people seemed to like it. The show was rated by THE LIST as the 264th highest-rated show out of 1914 shows reviewed by major review sites. See the entire list of reviewed shows.  That is amazing.

It got a ★★★★★ (five star) (from the Scotsman), four ★★★★ (four star) and three ★★★ (three star) and no two star or one star reviews. Unprecedented for me.

And third, I said something that I wanted to say and said it well. That is maybe the most important thing.

Last year I spoke about Einstein’s definition of insanity which is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result (though he supposedly never said that). And how it seemed (to others as well as to myself) like I was doing that with my comedy.  And I spoke of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of doing something to get great at it. It might be possible that as I was approaching my 10,000th hour in comedy that all of that failure has been just practice.

And I postulated that when I am at the O2 the next year (2015) for thousands paying a £100 a ticket, there will be those who will say they liked the failure Lewis Schaffer better.

And that was true, for a few. A few said they liked pure chaos better. A few still saw the chaos but knew that I am a man in control of my chaos – mostly. But most thought my show was “different” and people who like my show know to expect it to be “different”.

Here are the reviews, all the reviews, in no particular orders except best first.

The Scotsman:

“This is one of the most brilliant and amazing comedy shows I have ever seen in my life… the show becomes a bizarre cross between performance art, a swingers’ party and a papal blessing. ★★★★★ (Five Stars)” Click to read it here.

Edinburgh Festival Magazine: 

“This New York comic is hysterical, endearing and audacious, leaving no stone unturned, no topic untouched, and certainly no audience member ignored in his amazing new, high energy physical comedy show. ★★★★ (Four Stars)” Click here to read.


“And then comes the shock.  Because it turns out that Schaffer’s crass, offensive, disturbingly-hilarious bumbling is working towards something genuinely liberating: a masterful take-down of the whole concept of human beauty, with a reassuring message about body image on the side. ★★★★ (Four Stars)”  Click here to read.

Broadway Baby:

“Schaffer has refined being unsuccessful in to an art form and so he’s bound to remedy this unexpected success somehow. I can’t wait to see how he fucks up next. ★★★★ (Four Stars)”  Click here to read 

The List:

“This is a performance piece that is very believable with Schaffer’s delightfully vulnerable awkwardness making him so endearing that the crowd can’t help but come along for the ride. ★★★ (Three Stars)Click here to read.

Fringe Monkey:

“Lewis Schaffer: A clever, structured, coherent show from the Fringe’s most erratic performer. He’s finally succeeding! I feel sick. ★★★★ (Four Stars)” Click here to read. 

Bruce Dessau – Beyond the Joke:

“The audience, who clearly had no idea who this narcissistic nutjob was, loved it. If you’ve got an easy-going girlfriend and are secure about your sexuality this gig could make the weirdest date night (well, date teatime) you will ever go on. ★★★ (Three)Click here to read. 


“Not for those who don’t want to get up close and personal with a middle-aged Jewish guy, it’s nevertheless an oddly enjoyable experience (not so much the up close and personal bit) that’ll leave you confused and/or a little liberated. ★★★ (Three)“. Click to read.

There it is (or was). Upwards until death. Thank you for reading this.


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