News of Nunhead – Tuesday – 26 June 2012

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Southwark Council has put on hold creating additional burial space in Camberwell Old Cemetery by cutting down trees. They will review the plans in two years.

Read my original post on saving Camberwell Old Cemetery Wood.

In the mean time, where will the dead be buried?  The council are the same people who proposed ripping up playing fields that English children use to play sport.

Anyone associated with that proposal shouldn’t be allowed to support England or moan about how few English players are in the top flight or how England can’t win on penalties. [How is that for vitriol?}

I have been accused of “NIMBYism” in not wanting the dead buried in my back yard. And there are three cemeteries in my backyard. NIMBY means: Not in my back yard. In whose back garden should we put dead bodies? Fred West’s.

Save the trees and wood of Nunhead, East Dulwich and Dulwich – The Nedd of the Dead. The leafy bits which seem to be under-supported in Southwark Council.

The missing 83-year-old Nunhead man was found dead in the small wood in Peckham Park. A mystery solved and another opened. What was he doing in the wood?

Southwark Council is proposing building a new community centre in Nunhead Village. The Council has been accused of throwing Nunhead a bone to make up for spending hundred’s of millions ripping down Elephant and Castle and building it up again only to have to tear it down in another forty years. The Council isn’t very good at urban planning.

“A community centre could host after-school clubs, parent drop ins, yoga classes, creches, meetings, weddings parties, luncheon clubs, bingo etc.” offered a Nunheader in support of the project.

Nunhead already has facilities that can and do host after-school clubs, parent drop ins, yoga classes, creches, meetings, weddings parties, luncheon clubs, bingo etc. They are called “pubs”.

It would be cheaper to subsidize The Ivy House and The Old Nun’s Head and the other pubs [which I don’t go to] than build a new facility. At the very least, building a Community Centre will hurt local pubs.

Skateboarding kids have been recklessly hitching rides on the back of Nunhead buses – the 343 and 484 – though Nunhead Heights. This is an example of the Law of Unintended Consequences – that is what happens when the Council repaves the roads. Potholes is one solution.

What else to do about this?

The bus driver and the bus company must have a “duty of care” [or some other phrase] which demands they stop the bus if they are putting a child in a dangerous position.

In the States, the bus driver and the bus company are responsible. They would have to pay big bucks after litigation to the families of those children, no matter how stupid the children were.

When the driver is alerted to situation he should stop the bus immediately and alert the police. While waiting, delayed passengers are free to get out and beat the crap out of the skating kids.

You know you’re old when you want to see teenagers beaten up!

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